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Expired Domain – FAQ

Click the ” Place Order ” button on your domain of choice. Send us the domain ID(s). We will forward an invoice to your PayPal for final purchase.
Immediately after payment, The domain URL get revealed to you for registration.
We only work with TLDs : .com, .net , .org …
We only have a few registered Premium domains. Regular domains are not registered yet.
Yes, these domains are broad niche-targeted (e.g Games, Travel, Health and more), please search the “Majestic Topics” tab for domain niche.
Yes, you will be registering the domain yourself but it’s way lot cheaper registering with our partner “PORKBUN.COM” which currently cost only 4.15 USD for new members.
Yes, Custom research starts at 97 USD. Please reach out to us on; [email protected] or use the ” Contact Us” page.
Domain metrics might change with time, Please give room for ± 5. Although the metrics get checked to confirm the state before sending down to you
No refund, if there are changes with provided metrics, We will work with another domain as replacement .