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2-Phase Guest Posting Approach to Building Quality Links!

Our 2-Phase Outreach Methodology For Guest Post Success

Phase 1: This phase involves strategizing and coming up with content, then publishing your guest article on an authority website.

Phase 2: We find topically relevant and existing article on the website then have our partners internal link to the newly published guest article in phase 1

Packages by Domain Rating : DR

20-29 DR : ~ LITE

$ 127
  • 2 -Phase Guest Posting
  • Traffic 1000+
  • Manual & permanent Outreach
  • Quality Control
  • Guaranteed 6 months link replacement
  • WhiteLabel Full Report

30-49 DR: ~ PRO

$ 197
  • 2 -Phase Guest Posting
  • Traffic 1000+
  • Manual & permanent Outreach
  • Quality Control
  • Guaranteed 12 months link replacement
  • WhiteLabel Full Report
Buyers Choice


$ 367
  • 2 -Phase Guest Posting
  • Traffic 10,001+
  • Manual & permanent Outreach
  • Quality Control
  • Guaranteed 24 months link replacement
  • WhiteLabel Full Report

Guest Posting appears to be a straightforward procedure; find blogs to guest post on, send out outreach emails, and get featured on these websites.

All guest posts, however, are not created equal.

If Links from authoritative publications with high traffic and editorial standards are what you desire. This is a far more difficult position to fill.

To write a successful guest post, you’ll need to have the following things on hand:

A tried-and-true method for contacting owners of authoritative platforms

Knowledge of the factors that contribute to a successful website

Articles of high quality that meet strict editorial guidelines

It takes time and knowledge to do this alone.

Alternatively, you may use a guest posting service to publish top-quality guest posts for you. This grants you access to a system that has a track record of successfully putting guest articles on websites with high domain authority.

What are the Advantages of 2-Phase Guest Posting?

For various reasons, guest posts are a great way to build links. You can employ them to increase your niche’s visibility and authority. They also can generate a lot of traffic.

However, one of our favorite approaches of building WhiteHat Links for Small, Medium and Enterprise business is 2-Phase Guest Posting. (See the chart at your left-hand-side)

Here are some benefits of deep linking process in phase 2;

Fast Link index on Google

Foundation referring domains (RDs) to your newly article from Phase 2 activity

Save money from building Tier 2&3 links garbage.

Ultimately SERP boost for target keywords.

Finally, this service has been tested by our team on our personal projects, and our approach works with verifiable case studies.

Challenges of Guest Posting

It’s not a new tactic to use guest blogs to create links. It’s been around since Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google and built the PageRank algorithm on links.

However, throughout time, guest posting has evolved.

The market for guest posts has gotten crowded since everyone understands that they are a great way to gain links.

The number of requests for guest posts on a website is increasing. If you own a website, you’ll probably understand what we’re talking about.

Many websites now either refuse to publish guest posts or only do so for a charge.

As obtaining guest posts becomes more difficult, many SEOs have resorted to bulk, untargeted marketing to gain links.

The Solution: 2-Phase Guest Posting Strategy!

There is a more effective method. Many websites are still pleased to post high-quality, original, expert-written content that is beneficial to their visitors.

Sites with high DR (Domain Rating), plenty of organic traffic, and engaged audiences fall into this category.

These sites understand that well-written pieces may add a lot of value to their sites and their readers. They do, however, want to stay away from the low-quality pieces that many guest post providers offer.

With this in mind, 2-Phase Guest Posting (a professional guest posting agency that offers a never-seen-before 2-phase guest posting strategy) can provide an interesting offer to website owners.

This form of premium guest post is obtained through pitching pieces to publications, much like a writer does while looking for work.

Outreach and Guest Posting Done Right!

It takes time to approach bloggers and influencers. Many people try to avoid the difficult portion by
publishing guest posts on networks of “fake” websites they own. This is not effective and may negatively affect your search engine rankings.

2-Phase Guest Posting handles the legwork for you:

We research your niche and personally select the most relevant websites for your guest posts

We vet them to ensure that their traffic is genuine and write wonderful posts that make you look great to visitors and search engines.

Why are We the Most Effective Guest Posting Agency?

There are numerous guest posting services available online. Here’s why 2-Phase Guest Posting is the way to go:

Your guest article will only be published on high-profile websites.

We will publish professionally written articles

Our track record speaks for itself.

Our service will be customized to meet your specific needs

2-Phase Guest Posting – FAQ

A Chart is worth a thousand words; We’ve crafted a chart that helps illustrates how 2-Phase Guest postings works and benefits to your business. 

You can find it HERE

Again, this is not your regular known guest posting, our approach goes further (Phase 2) to building internal links to the newly published article on our partner websites.

Yes, Please check URL: https://1stpage.nifty.pm/l/oqjlFD4z8dH?pub

No, these are REAL websites with organic traffic, ranking for multiple keywords, managed by REAL individuals you see on media.

Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database on a 100-point scale ~ Ahrefs

Turn Around Time is 12-20 business days depending on ordered package. We usually deliver faster.

Once the link is placed, We can’t change it.

Our exceptionally talented in-house trained content writing team.

Yes, we accept these niches but you must select the add-on under [Advanced Niche] to fulfill these niches.

That’s not a problem. We would replace the link with a duration of up to 24 months.

Our main commitment is to serve you. If the links are delivered as promised, with what is stated above. There can be no refund

We support PayPal, Credit/Debit card (via Stripe), & BTC payments.