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Best way to Conduct Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research in 2019-20

Affiliate marketing is one of the most accessible types of internet marketing available. Nevertheless, accessible does not mean easy. Most affiliate programs will accept new publishers who have the most basic of websites. Even though it has become a little more difficult due to ‘thin content’ acquisitions for aspiring marketers, it’s still easy to get an affiliate account with Amazon. Amazon Associates was one of the first online affiliate programs to hit the world wide web back in 1996, which means you would be hard-pressed to find an internet marketer who has not heard of it.

What does this mean? It means competition. Long gone are the days of writing about whatever you fancied and hoping it would rank. The big dogs of the internet will nine times out of ten be able to outrank your content for keywords like ‘best 4k tv’.

All hope is not lost, though. For affiliate marketing, you should work smarter, not harder. Stop putting your life and soul into these 150k searches per month keywords, which sites like PCgamer and Tech Advisor are ranking for, and start focusing on practical, lower search terms.

The best Amazon affiliate keywords to focus on are those with buying intent. If someone is searching for ‘best vacuum for a small apartment’, they are already in buying mode and want an answer fast. You won’t need to convince them to buy a vacuum, as they are already that way inclined. All you need to do is present them with the information they want, including outbound links to Amazon, in the easiest way possible.

How to find the perfect Amazon keywords

The process of finding these ‘golden nugget’ keywords is this:

  1. Generate a seed keyword.
  2. Filter the keywords that have buying intent from your seed keyword.
  3. Determine the competition levels of filtered keywords.

Choosing a seed keyword


For this example, let’s say we are in the Home & Kitchen niche. Navigate to that category on Amazon and have a browse of their subcategories. We are looking for a product type to choose, rather than focusing on the subcategory.

We select the Bath category and notice that there seem to be quite a few digital bathroom scales on the first page, which would indicate their popularity. There are also lots of positive reviews, which is another good sign.

Therefore our seed keyword will be digital bathroom scales.

Finding keywords with buying intent

As we explained previously, we aren’t looking to try and rank for generic keywords. Digital bathroom scales on Google will be full of large authoritative websites, with little chance for you to compete. Not only that but as the keyword is not buyer focused, you will receive a lot of browsing traffic even if you do rank well for it.

Plug your chosen seed keyword into your favourite keyword research tool and look for keyword variations like:

  • Best digital bathroom scales
  • Best digital scales for large bathroom
  • Digital bathroom scale reviews
  • Digital bathroom scales under $50
  • Most accurate digital bathroom scale

The traffic you will receive from ranking for these terms will be hyper-targeted with strong buying intent.

Checking the competition for your keywords


Knowing how competitive a keyword is can take months, or even years of practice, but there are a few tricks to help you out if you’re new.

The easiest way is to see if another generic affiliate website is ranking in the top ten. While you may think this is counterproductive, it tells us that Google is happy to rank sites like yours for the keyword.

What I would avoid though, is if the first page is dominated by e-commerce sites, including Google’s personalized ads, as well as massive authority affiliate sites.

If you see domains like ‘’ in the SERPS and it doesn’t have a ridiculously high DA and RD, you should be golden.

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AdSense Keyword Research – Your Top Checklist


Checklist for AdSense-Related Keyword Research

Keywords play a very important role in the success of any website or blog. Keyword research helps inform the marketing strategy. If you do not do proper keyword research, your site will not get too much traffic.

In order to gain the most profit out of your advertisements, you need to find the most effective keyword. You can choose either a long-tail or a short-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords are more effective and easier to find.

How to Pick a Keyword

A good keyword is key for AdSense. You have to pick the keywords that will help you:

  • Put your website on the first page of Google and gain organic visitors. To achieve this goal, many people choose long-tail keywords.
  • Increase your cost-per-click ratio and result in more profits.

Here are the steps you need to take to find the right keyword for AdSense:

Make a list of topics that are relevant to your business

Brainstorm topics that would best relate to your business. For example, if you’re running a digital marketing agency, your topics could be

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Content marketing

Now, these are just topics and not keywords. You have to use these topics to come up with keywords.

To find more suitable topics, you will have to look at your business from the buyer’s point of view and think what topics they would be interested in.

Come up with words related to the topics

Once you find your topics, start writing words that will most likely appear in the blog or are most related to the topics. These keywords can be comprised of up to 4 or more words. As mentioned above, long-tail keywords are much better than short ones.

Come up with as many keywords as possible and select the best ones. You can also take suggestions from what kind of questions the buyer would ask when getting a product and what kind of queries usually comes in.

Research topic-related terms if you can’t think of keywords

The easiest way to find keywords is through Google. Write the name of your topic in the search bar and see what terms Google suggests. If Google is suggesting something, it means people are searching for it.

Use both short- and long-tail keywords

Using both long- and short-tail keywords to make the content well-balanced. As short-tail keywords are searched more often, they are harder to rank on than long-tail ones, but they have great potential to send traffic your way. On the other hand, long-tail keywords make it easier for you to rank.

Check what keywords your competitors are using

If your competitors are using the same keywords as you, you need to work on your list. Try to optimize for the keywords that your competitors are not using as you will have less competition.

Use keyword research services

There are tools to help find the perfect keyword for your Google AdSense. To find a long-tail keyword with minimum competition, you can use Google Ads Keyword Planner, KWFinder or Mangools.

Final Words

Follow the checklist above and you will be able to find the proper keywords for your AdSense. If you can’t come up with any suitable keywords, you can use a keyword research service, which will provide you hundreds of options.

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Why Everybody Must Have Keyword Research Experts


Why Everybody Must Have Keyword Research Experts

Let’s face it, your online content won’t achieve any success if you don’t use keyword research. Writing a news article and writing online content are two different things. You need to use the right keywords to attract your audience and to increase your presence on the internet. The best way to achieve that is to hire a keyword research expert.

In the lines below, we will list several important reasons why everybody needs to have at least one keyword research expert. Lets get started!

Your website will have targeted traffic

The first and most important thing is that you can’t get targeted traffic if you don’t use SEO optimization. While you can research on your own, you will eventually need input from qualified experts. As online competition grows, keyword research becomes more complicated as well. So, in such circumstances, keyword research experts are the only people who can help you.

Keyword research experts will also help you find your perfect niche market

If you’re trying to target as many different people as possible, you should know that you’re using a wrong approach. If you have a gaming website, you should focus on providing quality content for gamers. Naturally, not every gamer is the same, and not every gamer likes the same games either. You should eventually focus on a specific niche, such as “RPG games”, “first-person shooters” or “gaming news” if you want your website to grow. Keyword research specialists will help you identify the right keywords so that you can quickly increase your presence in a specific niche market. The same experts can help you get new ideas on various different topics

Many people can get new ideas on different topics by thinking about their current topic. In some cases, even keywords can help you with that. As a result, you can use advice from keyword research experts to expand your website into other niches.

So, for example, if you have a website about candies, you can easily start writing about technical procedures in the modern confectionery industry. All you really need is proper keyword research!

You will get more details about your competition

While you may have some basic details about your market competition, the only way you can get some specific information about them is to hire a keyword research experts. These specialists will not only help you form the right keywords, but they will also help you understand the keywords that your competitors are using. You easily track whatkind of content your rivals are using. However, the best way to understand theessence of their business is to analyze the keywords that they are using. Insome occasions, the experts can use that knowledge to improve your own keywords and, in others, they can formentirely different keywords as well. As we’ve mentioned already, the best way to meet your competition well enough is to hire a keyword research expert.

In conclusion

We hope that you’ve now understood why it’s so important to have an expert who will do keyword research for you. If you want your website to succeed in the long run, you will need additional input from knowledgeable people. You will undoubtedly find more benefits than these four that we’ve listed above. However, they are the crucial ones that every keyword research expert focuses on.

The sooner you hire an expert, the better!

Ready to hire a keyword research expert?

We’ve got you covered.

Contact: [email protected] Today to do the heavy lifting for you.

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