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Getting a Feel of Our Link Building Project Environment

Having a platform that is conducive for work and user-friendly is an often-overlooked feature when it comes to link building and outreach management.

We have taken steps to improve our project environment as much as possible.

Using the Nifty Project Management Tool, we aim to bring users the simplest, easiest, and most accessible experience possible when using the platform.

The Milestone Tab



For new clients,

We have a Milestone Tab.

This milestone tab breaks down the phases of outreach into simple and easy to understand and access categories. Each category is made in order to provide you with a visible and easy to follow the flow of events throughout the entire outreach process.

By breaking down each step into categories, users will be able to add their own tasks (which will be discussed next) and make planning and remembering what they need to do much easier.


top page backlink link environment

The categories for the outreach phase are as follows:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Outreaching
  3. Follow-Ups
  4. Reporting

The Tasks Tab

Next, We have the Tasks Tab.

This tab can be found under each of the previously mentioned Milestone categories. For each milestone category, you can add specific tasks, making keeping track of what you need to get done less of a chore.

Within the Tasks Tab, you will find features such as Quality Control checks and the option to find the target outreach list.

You can also follow up with a specific website owner, along with other features.

The great thing about the Tasks Tab is that our team handles all of the management.

That means you can simply worry about what you need to get done while we handle keeping track of everything behind the scenes.

The Discussions Tab

We also provide you with a very useful tab where you can actively discuss with our team in real-time as we work on your project.

Having this tab available means that you are able to consult our team without needing to stop what you are doing.

Our team is always open to hearing what your concerns or questions may be, and having the Discussions Tab handy makes it extremely easy for you to contact us.

This feature is extremely useful for agencies, as well as individuals.

The Docs Tab


We have the Docs Tab.

This tab is where you can find any project worksheets that you can use whenever you need them.

Quality Service

Aside from our conducive and well-rounded project environment,

You will also find that our services are of the highest standard of quality. We not only strive to provide you with great service, but we aim to provide our services in a timely manner.

You can expect delivery of our services within as short as 15 business days up to 27 business days at the very latest.


In Conclusion

If you are looking for a service that can provide you with a project environment that works to make things easier on you, and a team that is able to provide services in a quick and timely manner,

Then you have come to the right place.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get started with link building and project management today.

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