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Ready to Bank with Our High Volume, Low Competition Keywords?​

There’s no sense denying it;

Keyword Research is the most critical step when it comes to ranking and banking on Google.

You can brag about your content all you want, but if you don’t target the right keywords, you’ll end up pouring your money (and time) down the drain


Because usually, the big, profitable keywords are being torn apart by competitors, while the small keywords aren’t worth your time.

Do not let that discourage you though, as we’re here with the solution; Keywords that have a high search volume along with low competition.

In other words,

We’re offering you the chance to dominate the SERPs using some hidden gems that no one is exploiting.

PRICING: Select Keyword Plan

Adsense Keyword Research

$ 37
  • Starts at 37 USD/mo . Cancel anytime.
  • Informational /Navigational Intent Keywords
  • Manual Keyword Research
  • 5+ Seed Topics
  • 15+ Low competition keywords
  • Page Title Suggestion
  • Unlimited Order / mo.
  • TAT /research: 2-5 business days

Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research

$ 37
  • Starts at 37 USD/mo . Cancel anytime.
  • Transactional /Buyer Intent Keywords
  • 15+ Low competition keywords
  • 5+ Seed Topics
  • FAQ keywords in report

Lead Gen Keyword Research

$ 37
  • Starts at 37 USD/mo . Cancel anytime.
  • How-To /Commercial Intent Keywords
  • Low Competition Keywords
  • High Search Volume
  • Niche Targeted
  • FAQ keywords in report

Why Should You Go with Our Keyword Research Service?

Simple, because the model is effortless once you get your site on top of the search results.


You just set the content, and it’ll take care of the rest while you’re spending your money in the Bahamas.

No need to write a compelling copy

No need to fill your page with CTAs.

It’s a matter of finding the right keyword, setting up a simple website around that keyword, and ranking it (by following our bonus ranking guide).

Why Are Our Keywords Special?

If you’ve been on Internet marketing long enough.

You should know by now that we’re one of the trusted agency around Marketplaces.

We’ve been delivering our services through the years, and when we say that these keywords are the bomb,

I mean that ranking your site using one of them is easier than falling off a one-legged horse!

Why? You ask .

Because the competition for these keywords is practically non-existent.

One look at the SERPs and you’ll notice that no one is putting real effort to rank for them, which presents the perfect opportunity for you to make a website, target the keyword, build your links, get your traffic, and bank!

Forget about spending hundreds and thousands of dollars per month fighting for your position at the top of the search results.

With our keywords,

You’ll only have to do it once.

We even got you covered as to how to do it, as you’ll get a detailed guide with every keyword, so you can apply the knowledge we assembled over the years and make money yourself.

How Do We Gather These Keywords?

Unlike most keyword research services that rely on simple tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush

We actually use custom-made, sophisticated tools that are trained to scrape and find extremely easy keywords in untapped niches.

After that,

We check each keyword manually to make sure that ranking for it doesn’t require much effort.

Who Are These Keywords For?

Lazy SEOs who don’t want to waste their time with over-saturated keywords.

Newbies who are trying to get into the IM world the easy way.

People who want to make CASH!

So, What Am I Getting?

Low Competition, High Search volume Keywords that are very affordable and have high-profit potential.

Secondary (LSI) and FAQ keywords for Topic relating to primary (Seed) keyword for topic expansion

A PDF Guide detailing how to maximize profit on these Keywords and techniques that you can use to start seeing results in no time.

Custom Keyword Research – FAQ

Yes, you will receive keyword report containing the Primary, Secondary (LSI), and FAQ keywords

The keywords will be delivered instantly if we have them in stock. Custom Keyword Research takes 2-7 business days.

We support PayPal, Credit/Debit card (via Stripe), & BTC payments.

No refund will be issued once the keywords are delivered as we cannot sell them twice. You will get a FULL refund if we didn’t deliver at speculated period.

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