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How We Increased Organic Traffic by 413% for Intellifluence


Traffic Growth


Number of Links Built

2 Months+



Compliance Skills: SaaS

  • average of 5, DR40+ Links per month
  • 800% traffic Increase in Productivity Competitive Niche (SaaS)

Intellifluence has made influencer marketing easy, you just need to sign up on their website and browse through the list of available influencers suitable for your brand. They’ve got over 100,000+ creators waiting to partner with you
all you have to do is just design public offers that qualified candidates can apply to while you simultaneously find and pitch additional creators using their Discover tool.

Since SEO is an ongoing process, it’s especially important for newer businesses to prioritize it from the get-go if they want to catch up to the domain authority and brand recognition of more established rivals. Intellifluence contacted 1spage Team because the company launched website and needed help getting it to the top of Google search results for several keywords so that brand owners could find them. Intellifluence worked on its on-site SEO while 1stpagekws assisted with link development.

The Problem

Intellifluence contacted 1stpage Team in search of SEO enhancement services so that they could expand their client base internationally. As 1stpage Team began working on the optimization, the site did not have a strong showing in natural search results. Intellifluence knew that in order to increase site traffic, it needed to improve its position in the search engine results page (SERP) for the most popular keywords.

Outranking the numerous, well-established influencer marketing providers who were already ranking highly for the targeted terms required a methodical approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and local optimization.

Our Strategy

Like any other companys’ website, Intellifluence understood the importance of making an early investment. Similar to any other business asset, a website’s long-term value increases in proportion to the amount of effort invested in it initially.

This was perfect from the standpoint of establishing backlinks.

One benefit is that we didn’t have to focus as much on cleaning up Intellifluence’s link profile by eliminating links from sites that had a negative impact on the company’s authority in search engine results.

In addition, it is not uncommon for a single blog post to account for the vast majority of a website’s total visitor volume. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a well-rounded link profile should include links to the homepage and other vital pages on the website, not just a single blog post.

However, with Intellifluence’s case, we were able to establish a robust, high-quality backlink profile from the outset.

We started by directing our link-building efforts toward the highest-authority pages targeting influencers looking at promoting peoples products . Common examples of such pages are “Home ” “Shoe” and “travel travel targets. Both the homepage and the page outlining Intellifluence’s unique selling point—its directory of influential people—were built around this idea.

Links of this nature demonstrate to Google that Intellifluence is a pioneer in the field of influencer marketing, which in turn boosts the company’s ranking.

Areas of Concentration

Optimization for Organic Search Results for Vital Pages

The Intellifluence team knew that ads couldn’t sustainably drive traffic indefinitely, so they set their sights on natural growth. But not all visitors are created equal; prioritizing the right pages can boost both clicks and earnings. To increase Intellifluence’s chances of making a sale, 1stpage Team ensured that only the high-quality links were directed to the company’s site.

Focusing on High-Authority Domains

You can get backlinks from any website, even ones with a low domain authority. However, that’s not exactly useful. Getting links from other authoritative websites is the best way to boost any website’s authority. This is precisely what we did for Intellifluence; we zeroed in on sites with a DA of at least 30, and many of the links we found came from sites with a DA of 40 or higher.

The Result

By the second month of working with 1stpage Team, Intellifluence had seen a significant increase in rankings, orders, and organic traffic of roughly 413%. Not only did the site increase orders from the specified target pages.

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