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How We Increased Organic Traffic by 2800% for Docusmart


Traffic Growth


Number of Links Built

21 Months+



Compliance Skills: SaaS

  • average of 20, DR50+ Links per month
  • 1060% traffic Increase in Productivity Competitive Niche (SaaS)

Docusmart is a business-to-business company with its headquarters in Asia. The company assists local businesses in tracking customer orders and sales data, as well as in sending automated service reminders via text message. Customers have the ability to easily rebook services with the help of these periodic (monthly, quarterly, yearly) reminders.

Even after being in operation for over five years, they had trouble getting the volume of organic search traffic they needed online.

Their company was feeling the effects of these problems firsthand.


How We Did It

To boost DocuSmart’s organic visibility, 1stpagekws concentrated on three primary areas:

  • Finding keyword opportunities by analyzing the search engine results of competitors.
  • Exploring opportunities for improvement of the site health and structure.
  • Improvements to Off-Page SEO and Category Pages

Our Strategy

We ran an SEO audit to make sure Docusmart wasn’t passing up any opportunities to strengthen their SEO standing.

Using data gathered from DocuSmarts’ website’s technical audit, the agency was able to identify specific problems beyond those of keywords and site architecture.

Exploring Opportunities for Link-Building

Using Ahref, we discovered which keywords and pages led to the most traffic for competitors’ sites, and how backlinks contributed to driving that traffic.

The target was to improve DocuSmart’s Domain Authority (DA) score and search engine rankings by increasing the number of incoming links to the site’s individual pages. To achieve their goals, We planned to analyze DocuSmarts’ existing link profile and seek out additional backlinking opportunities.


1stpage Agency performed an SEO audit to make sure DocuSmart wasn’t overlooking any opportunities to boost their SEO ranking potential.

Using data gathered from DocuSmarts’ website’s technical audit, we were able to identify specific problems beyond those of keywords and site architecture.

The Result

Seven months is a reasonable time frame for assessing outcomes and gauging the effect of SEO optimizations. All of the technical and content upgrades to the homepage of the DocuSmart website were implemented over the course of two months, at which point the partnership between 1stpage Team and DocuSmart began to bear fruit. 

By then, the company’s organic traffic had increased by 317 percent.

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