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How We Increased Organic Traffic by 3000% for BetPro360


Traffic Growth


Number of Links Built

14 Months+



Compliance Skills: B2B

  • average of 5, DR40+ Links per month Outreach Links Built
  • 800% Traffic Increase in Sport Competitive Niche (SaaS)

BetPro360 is a well-known bookmaker that places a premium on happy customers and offers many enticing bonuses and odds-on football games, among other things that draw in sports fans.

With many people confined to their homes for the duration of the pandemic, the demand for online betting has skyrocketed over the past nine months as people try their luck at various games from the comfort of their own couches. Competition among businesses attempting to market their sports-betting products and services online has heated up as more people start using broadly related search terms.

Betpro360 had the worst organic visibility of any of their competitors when they first approached  1stpage agency. As such, they came to us in hopes that we could help them gain a foothold in the search engine results pages and differentiate themselves from the competition.

How We Did It

Increased organic visibility for BetPro360 was a primary goal for 1stpage Agency, which we approached from three angles:

  • Using Ahrefs, we can see where we stand relative to our competitors for a given set of keywords.
  • Extending the scope of SEO beyond the site’s pages and looking for ways to strengthen the site’s foundation
  • Improvements on blog’s category pages 

Our Strategy

We ran an SEO audit to make sure BetPro360 wasn’t passing up any opportunities to strengthen their SEO standing.

Using data gathered from the  website’s technical audit, the agency was able to identify specific problems beyond those of keywords and site architecture.

Keyword Identification

In order to determine where the content could be strengthened for higher rankings in search engine results pages, We applied Google’s EAT criteria. Aligning searchers’ interests with content that is relevant and informative was the key to success, in addition to the length and the type of content.

For the next four months, we concentrated on content, taking advantage of the time to refine our approach to optimizing category pages and writing fresh posts for their blog. Using Ahrefs, the 1stpage Agency team found that BetPro360 was missing 361 keywords when compared to their rivals.

New content was developed between November 2021 and February 2022, with themes and topic suggestions derived from the keywords discovered during the research phase.

Off-Page SEO

Through the site audit, the agency was able to determine the following as the most pressing technical issues:

  • Malformed crawls
  • Confusion Regarding Mobile Usability
  • Duplicate page titles; missing canonical tag.

After urgent problems were resolved,1stpage Agency began looking for ways to boost the conversion rate in high-performing areas. We found the following problems with the content that needed to be addressed:

  • When we first looked at the category landing pages, there wasn’t a recognizable primary heading.
  • The amount of descriptive material was inadequate and spread out over only a few pages.
  • Problems with the metadata.

Blog Category Page Improvement

BetPro360’s team needed to be provided with actionable advice for producing content that excelled in all areas of search engine optimization. After compiling the information, their in-house team began tailoring the content of the necessary blog categories.

Eleven blog entries were produced over the course of four months. Information gathered showed that people were especially interested in educational material related to sports betting. At the time, 1stpage Agency suggested that BetPro360 produce more high-quality content about football in anticipation of the upcoming season.

The Result

BetPro360 saw an increase of 1028.5% in organic sessions over the course of five months, leading to a 231.9% increase in organic revenue.

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