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Links Management Tool – with ANSWERS to related questions.

Link management is the process of organizing, editing, analyzing, and having full control over all of the links that your organization shares. It does not matter how large or little your business is; this process is still necessary.

Every company should prioritize building and maintaining strong link networks. Because they are the bridge between your company and the digital world, it is crucial that you maintain control over them. The administration of your links provides you with the opportunity to safeguard your brand and improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

You probably do not even have a rough estimate of the number of links that you make or distribute each year due to the fact that you publish content on social networking platforms, engage in email marketing, provide customer assistance, manage administrative tasks, and communicate with employees.


This is where a tool for centralized link management comes into play. Here in this post, we will be answering popular questions on links management tool.

–  What is a links management Tool?

Backlinks and branded URLs are two of the most important aspects of website promotion, and link management solutions make it possible for marketing departments to improve, manage, and optimize website promotion.

–  What is bitly link management?

The Link Management Platform from Bitly Includes the Following Features:

Your links can be branded with a custom domain when you use their platform, and you can also generate QR codes, shorten links in bulk, redirect links, construct campaigns, and make use of a wide range of other options. You can also make use of their robust Bitly API if you need to generate more links at once. This is an option for you if you have such a requirement.

–  How do you organize links?

Take a look at the options that are provided below to determine which well-known approach of conserving links would serve your needs the very best.

  1. Save links to Pinterest in your bookmarks.
  2. Create your own curated magazines using Flipboard.
  3. Include previously tweeted links in your list of favorite Twitter content.
  4. Make use of an app with a “Read It Later” feature, such as Instapaper or Pocket.
  5. Install the Evernote Web Clipper Extension on your web browser.

–  What is the best link shortener?

The six most effective providers that shorten URLs

  1. Bitly, which is often considered to be the finest URL shortener overall.
  2. Rebrandly, a tool for building links to branded websites.
  3. Use TinyURL to create short URLs that are anonymous, quick, and free.
  4. BL.INK, designed specifically for owners of small businesses.
  5. URL Shortener by Zapier, which allows for the automatic creation of short URLs.
  6. Short.io, for the purpose of sending unique URLs to each individual visitor.

–  Can you save links in OneDrive?

To share a file or folder in your OneDrive folder on your computer, simply right-click the file or folder in the OneDrive folder and select Share a OneDrive link. This will copy a link to your clipboard, which you may then paste wherever you’d like to deliver the information.

– How do I shorten multiple links for free?

In general, using BridgeURL is one of the simplest ways to build a number of links and shorten them all at the same time in a single action. The service does not require users to register or sign up, and there are no advertisements displayed on the website. Give BridgeURL a try now, and if you are aware of any other services that are capable of shortening multiple URLs more effectively, please share the details of such services in the comments below.

–  Is link shortener safe?

The true nature of a shortened link is a mystery. You have no idea what website you will be taken to or what will show up on the screen when you click on it. Because of this, these shortened URLs are an ideal method for spreading malware and phishing scams. You should avoid clicking them at all costs.

–  How do I organize my SharePoint links?

Using an Out-of-the-Box Links Web component is both the most fundamental and straightforward method for storing links in SharePoint. In its most basic form, it is a list of links stored in SharePoint. It comes pre-configured with two columns (URL and Notes), but you also have the option to add extra, user-defined metadata.

–  How do I open OneDrive links?

Create a personal Microsoft account and sign in to OneDrive.com using that account. Choose Shared from the menu that appears under OneDrive in the left pane. People whose files or folders you have access to will have their names displayed next to those files or folders. Choose a file or folder to open it, just like you would with any other object in OneDrive, and it will appear in your browser.

–  How do I shorten a URL in bulk?

The program known as Bulk Share URL Shortener is designed to make the process of shortening URLs easier for you. It currently supports shortening URLs using “goo.gl” and “bit.ly.” This application shows the click counter as well as the statistics of the shortened URL, including the number of clicks, clicks from countries and clicks from pages linking to the URL.

–  Are Bitly links public?

There is no such thing as a private link on Bitly; all links are public and may be seen by anybody, which makes the process of link sharing less safe. There is no facility to safeguard your Bit.ly link with a password. Although Bitly is secure, it does not offer the same level of protection as the other link shorteners on this list.

–  Can you link folders in SharePoint?

You have the ability to add a link in a document library that uses SharePoint in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Server 2019, and that link can go to an item that is situated outside of the document library. You may, for instance, add a link to a file or folder that is hosted in a separate document library, site, or even on a website that is not affiliated with the current one.

–  How do I simplify a SharePoint link?

Through the use of the following option, we have the ability to set the shorter link for an individual, which includes OneDrive and all SharePoint sites:

  1. Sign into Office 365 Portal.
  2. Select the Admin tab.
  3. Make your selection on SharePoint.
  4. Navigate to the Sharing tab and select Shorten links or alter the permissions that are set by default.

–  What is OneDrive link?

On OneDrive, you will need to produce a sharing link in order to share a file or folder with another user. This link was generated by OneDrive automatically and copied to the clipboard when it was done.

–  What is a bulk link?

Bulk Links are utilized in circumstances in which you would want to have a large number of individuals sign an identical contract individually over the course of a period of time. When the bulk link is being configured, it is not necessary to have any information on the amount of people who will be signing the contract or their identities.


Because there are so many link management solutions that come with a free tier, it is just not practical to pay for one, especially if this is your first time using such a service.

However, even the ones that cost money (in most cases) provide free trials that result in cash back. In conclusion, these technologies are much more than your typical URL shortener in every respect. They offer comprehensive solutions for marketing, in which each step may be accomplished with only one click.

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