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Top 20 SEMrush Questions and Answers [ The Complete List]

SEMrush gets its data from a host of different sources that gives its user the most trusted SEO solution on the planet. SEMrush frequently cleans its data sources with its methods to keep information gathered and provided up-to-date. 

The sources of information for SEMrush are:

Search Engine Data

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By evaluating the rankings of different domains and the keywords being used by most, SEMrush can decide what selection of keywords would increase the visibility of your site the most.

Website Traffic Analysis

By analysing the number of visits on your website, SEMrush can measure the general online traffic that comes and goes through your website. The data provided to you is from there unique aggregated database

Backlinks Data

A backlink is an incoming link to your website. SEMrush has its very own database containing trillions of backlinks used for this purpose which allows SEMrush to single out new SEO opportunities for your website by using its backlink crawler that scans for new links found on database.

Online Advertising Data

Every advertising related from Google Ads, Google Display Network and Google Shopping is collected to process information by SEMrush.

Using the provided information can allow you launch ad that will outperforming your competitors.

Social Media Data

By harvesting data such as online engagement on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, SEMrush will handle the presented information, done in order to give you a more encompassing online visibility review of your site.

SEMrush does not collect your personal information without your permission.

How does SEMrush decide what keywords are on a page?

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>SEMrush shifts through its various databases that are updated regularly to give you the keywords that are currently trending on the internet.

Not only that,

But SEMrush also uses tools such as Position

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Tracking as well as Organic Traffic Insights to aid it in getting you the most relevant keywords for a target page.

How accurate is SEMrush for paid ads?

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>SEMrush is not able to look into the internal Google Ads or Google Analytics data. 


SEMrush does give you nifty reports such as Traffic Graph which allows the overlooking of paid search traffic, keywords, and estimates traffic costs over time.

Gives users incredible accuracy performance data on what their competitors are doing.

How does SEMrush estimate traffic percentages?

The traffic percentage of a particular domain is evaluated by multiplying its CTR (click-through rate) by its keyword volume and dividing by 30.

CTR is the possibility that a user may click on a domain's search result based on its SERP ranking. 

The Position Tracking tool from SEMrush uses the method as mentioned above along with Estimated Traffic and Average Position to get you accurate traffic percentages. 

With the help of advanced filters, you can view specified graphs for traffic percentages. SEMrush allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous filters such as Cost percentages, competition levels and so on.

Do SEMrush certificates help get a job?

SEMrush academy offers a full range of online courses and exams, to help get you to a higher level of SEO understanding.

These courses also allow SEO beginners and intermediate people to learn from SEO experts for free at times. 

SEMrush can be a good way to market yourself to potential employers and clients with professionals of a similar ideology.

Does SEMrush disavow links for you?

SEMrush greatly expedites the process of disavowing a link for you.

SEMrush automatically locates the website owner's email, thereby enabling you to send an email to the owner and effectively send an email as a removal request template and send it to all domain owners in a few clicks. 

SEMrush also protects you from toxic backlinks with its 45+ toxic markers. 

If some links cannot be removed by contacting the owners, SEMrush has its Disavowing tools ready and available for you.

Where do I find my competitor's title tags in SEMrush?

SEMrush lets you gain access to the treasure trove of information that is your competitors' organic position for relevant keywords to improve your understanding of their promotional strategy. 

SEMrush allows you to find out your competitor's relevant keywords through the following steps:

  1. By pressing Ctrl+U you will be able to see the code of the page from which you can access the meta tag Title from. This allows you to see the competitor's keywords.
  2. Many webmasters also mark the relevant keywords in Bold in the page content.

These methods will allow you to know the title tags that the competitors would like to see their pages get high rankings on SERP.

How to steal keywords for campaigning from my competitors from SEMrush?

SEMrush promotes the use of Content Gap Analysis. Content Gap Analysis and SEO work together in the sense that the former looks for gaps or inconsistencies, which may raise their head as inconsistencies in your promotional strategies. It is the analysis of content to see if it would be better as a shorter piece of writing or a longer one, namely a pillar content. 

The process is carried out in the following manner:

  1. Checking for keywords that your competitors are using.
  2. Keywords that allow your competitors to be on the first page of search results whereas you are still in the second or later pages of search results.


With the help of SEMrush Organic Competitors report, you can now view why you are trailing in the SEO sector and why your competitors might be pulling ahead.

When to use national vs local keyword tracking with SEMrush?

Local keyword searches are acceptable when the domain-related search results are location-centric; otherwise, national keywords are better for getting good rankings on the SERP.

How do I submit a complaint to SEMrush?

SEMrush allows for easy access to various methods of feedback such as email or a helpline facility available for a host of different countries.

To check out the portal regarding a process of feedback, kindly go to the following link: https://www.semrush.com/kb/264-contact-semrush.

What is CPC and search volume on SEMrush?

Search Volume is the average value that a specific search query is searched for in a search engine in the time-space of a month.

CPC is another tool provided by SEMrush with the Competition Level and Keyword Difficulty metrics. CPC relates to the Google Ads that in turn helps SEMrush keep track of Online Ads.

Can you add layers in SEMrush social media posters?

With the help of SEMrush's versatile social media toolbox, it is straightforward to add layers to your social media posters.

It is hence definitely possible to add layers in SEMrush.

Can you schedule Facebook posts with SEMrush?

Upon setting up your poster and utilising the Calendar provided to you, it will become possible to schedule your Facebook posts by adding the said post to your Calendar.


You have the option to queue your post and subsequently publish it regularly, publish it now or save the position as a draft.

How do you find spam links in SEMrush?

With SEMrush's Backlink Audit Tool, you can be free of multitudes of spam or toxic links.

The Audit tab of this feature lets you comb through the complete backlink profile and enables you to get rid of around 500 backlinks per referring domain.

How to add a website to your SEMrush account?

Upon opening your SEMrush account, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

From here,

You can quickly generate an analysis of any given domain. You can add up to 15 different domain names to this list.

What are microformats in SEMrush?

Microformats are HTML data classes that help in reducing the arbitrary nature of the stored information and hence help in classifying and efficient storing of data.

Which is better, SEMrush or Alexa?

SEMrush wins out against Alexa when it comes to providing complete information on Backlinks, insights on traffic and overviews on the performance of your competitors amongst many other criteria.

Not to mention SEMrush has a better overall rating with regards to quality and user satisfaction.

What language is SEMrush built-in? 

SEMrush is available in a host of different languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.

Its multilingual availability helps in creating an efficient network that encompasses multiple countries, if not continents and can help in making an SEO powered lattice of information.

How long has SEMrush been around?

SEMrush was founded in 2017 with support of Startup Chile.

Now, it has over 5,000 platforms across 150 categories. The site attracts more than 80,000 visits in a month from companies in search of SEO solutions.

Why are rankings different on SEMrush?

With the use of powerful tools and features like Visibility score, SEMrush stands unique from other online tools.

They update the keywords almost on an everyday basis which helps in better and top ranking of your website. 


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