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SparkToro Review – The Undiluted Truth About It

One of the most important pieces of guidance for someone who is interested in getting into eCommerce is to “know your target audience.” However, while it is simple to comprehend the “why” of identifying your target audience, the “how” of doing so is significantly more difficult. Is it possible that SparkToro could make it simpler? The results of our own testing of the tool are presented below.

SparkToro aggregates data about people’s digital behaviours but strips out any identifying information to protect users’ privacy. This tool is designed to provide you with an easy approach to searching for the online behaviours and interests of the audience you are targeting.

SparkToro provides all of the information regarding your target audience in a single location, rather than expecting you to seek it using a variety of different websites and tools. One could almost compare it to a search engine for an audience’s actions.

SparkToro has a wide variety of applications, but the most important one for businesses involved in online retail is that it enables you to monitor what your customers are paying attention to online. If you know who or what your target audience follows, reads, or listens to, you will be able to choose where to put targeted advertisements, which influencers to collaborate with, etc.

In this post, we will be answering popular questions on sparktoro.

–  Is SparkToro reliable?

One fake-follower calculator developed by SparkToro, a business that claims to have raised around $1.8 million in funding, even makes use of machine learning algorithms to differentiate between actual accounts and phoney ones, thereby making it reliable.

–  What is SparkToro used for?

SparkToro is a tool for researching your target audience that shows information such as the websites your consumers frequent, the social accounts they follow, and the hashtags they employ, amongst other things. This enables you to develop effective marketing strategies.

–  How do you use SparkToro?

The data and user interface of SparkToro make doing so simple.

Step 1: Select your audience (s)

Step 2: Examine the social media pages, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels that they use to interact with people in your target audience.

Step 3: Compile a list of potential outreach and digital PR targets.

Step 4: The conversation needs to be started next.

Step 5: The next step is to find out what your audience is talking about.

What Is SparkToro?

Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry are responsible for the establishment of SparkToro, which is an “Audience Intelligence” platform. SparkToro is built to provide marketers with a more in-depth insight of the websites that their audience reads as well as the users that their audience follows on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and others.

–  What does SparkToro do?

SparkToro was created to assist in gaining an understanding of who your ideal consumer follows on social media. And the places they frequent on the internet.

–  How much is sparktoro?

The free plan has a pretty restricted set of things to choose from. In such case, the “Basic” plan will cost you $150 per month, the “Premium” plan will cost you $300 per month, and the “Unlimited” plan will cost you $600 per month. Please note that the aforementioned costs are calculated on a monthly basis. If you choose to pay for the program on a yearly basis, you will receive a discount equal to three months’ worth of service.

–  Is SparkToro worth it?

It is challenging for me to respond. The truth is that not everyone qualifies for SparkToro. It is geared toward a relatively narrow segment of the marketing community. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether or not SparkToro is a suitable fit for you is dependent on who you are.

What are SparkToro Alternatives?

I am not aware of a single platform that has all of these characteristics; I believe that Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry have done an excellent job. However, there are a variety of tools that, when used in conjunction with one another, can supply you with a significant portion of what SparkToro does.

You may achieve a significant portion of what you can with SparkToro by combining Facebook’s audience analytics with those of Klear, Makrwatch, and Ahrefs/Moz. If you are a full-stack marketer or if your team handles its own influencer marketing, public relations, search engine optimization, and other marketing tasks, it is possible that you are currently paying for the capability that SparkToro provides since you are utilizing other tools. It goes without saying that this option is less practical and more time-consuming.

–  Who can use sparkToro?

If you are an influencer marketer or are undertaking performance marketing without a lot of historical data that can aid in targeting, I would without a doubt suggest SparkToro to you. SparkToro will save you the time and money that you would otherwise waste targeting the wrong audience. Pricing is more relevant to more established organizations or agencies because it is less tempting to smaller startups, solo-preneurs, and marketing freelancers.

–  Who are SparkToro’s competitors?

Audiense, DemographicsPro, and Affinio are just a few of the other software companies that offer audience research that is comparable to that provided by SparkToro.


Even though the data provided by SparkToro is quite helpful, I do not believe that it will appeal to each and every marketer. Don’t get me wrong, this data is useful for any marketer; nevertheless, justifying the monthly expenses is probably more challenging for certain kinds of marketers, like the following types:

People who run one-person blogs and need this information occasionally to discover where they might contribute guest posts

A podcaster who is looking to interview his next guest and needs to find out which types of audiences he/she has been followed by A small business that is attempting to launch a new product and wants to find out where their industry’s audience is hanging out so that they can have access to them on YouTube, social channels, and websites.

If, on the other hand, you run an agency that serves a wide variety of customers in a number of different markets, the monthly fee is likely to be considered reasonable.

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