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How to Track Keywords Movement on Ahrefs: [COMPLETE INSIGHT]

Wondering how you can track your keyword's movement and performance with the view to optimizing the ranking campaigns and their results?

Here is the guide that will help you make optimal utilization of Ahrefs for tracking keyword movement.

Tracking the keywords for ranking is made quite simpler with Ahrefs as it requires simple steps to be followed. 

14pt;”>Ahrefs functions through 3 tools to track and rank the usage of keywords by an SEO professional.

  • Site Explorer: You can determine through which keyword the website is ranked and indexed on the web.
  • Keyword Explorer: You can yield useful information on current active pages and the top-ranked keywords.
  • Rank Tracker: You can track around 10,000 keywords in a few minutes.

What Does Ahrefs Keyword Tracker Offer?

Ahrefs offers the data of most used keywords in over 150 countries categorized among Search volume, Rank, KD, CPC, Traffic potential, the estimate of organic traffic, and Ranking URL.

Maintains Database

Ahrefs updates the database monthly and creates brand new information on over 500 million keywords, and you can find and track rankings for each keyword on the database.

The steps you follow are: 

Site Explorer > Organic Keywords > filter (position; volume; KD; CPC; traffic; word count; SERP feature) > Export

It’s that simple to find tracking results for every keyword you want. 

Helps to Find Historical Rankings of Keywords

Follow this guide and get to the result.

[Site Explorer > Organic Keywords > filter (position; volume; KD; CPC; traffic; word count; SERP feature) > Export] 


Set the filters to find graphical data for the years you want. 

This can help you figure out your performance during those years and determine whether you have improved or worsened over time.

Provides Keywords Ranking Reports for Desktop and Mobile

Ahrefs is user-friendly and is available on all platforms.

The window gives an option of shifting to the mobile view and then back to the desktop view very easily. This is the crucial step that the search engine has adopted, making it easier for all the users to function smoothly.  

Provides Scheduled Email Reports

Rank tracker is the feature of Ahrefs that keeps you updated with a regular email to your inbox.

Whenever there is a shift or variation in any aspect of your keyword ranking or performance, Rank Tracker promptly notifies you, along with a sample of SERP features variations. 

Provides Detailed Keywords Ranking Report for Over 10K Keywords

Rank Tracker has a wide capturing capacity to include over 10,000 keywords and generates a detailed ranking report for all of them accurately.

The data generated by Rank Tracker is always trustworthy and fresh because the SEO metrics are regularly updated. 

Not only country-level but also state and city level reports are available on Ahrefs through Rank Tracker.

Stack Up Against Competitors

Ahrefs allows the Rank tracker to evaluate the data to curate accurate findings on Ranking progress, Search traffic, and SERP features for up to ten competitors.  

This is how you can keep a close eye on your competitors’ movement on the internet and their overall rankings.

Ultimately this appears to be a useful route to improve your standing, make your presence known, and drive traffic to your website.

Shows When to Optimize Your Keyword Strategy and Movement

This section is known as “grossing” which makes room for the facility that provides you with suggestions and indications for keyword positions promptly.

Rank Tracker grabs your attention and concentrates it on the relevant changes required for better optimization of the search engine and the overall ranking of your website.

To Sum up

Members of the Ahrefs community already appreciate how the Rank Tracker functions as of now.

Necessary evaluations are being constantly made to meet with the demands of current trends of SEO keyword strategies and optimization.

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