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How To Find Long-Tail Keywords SEMrush [STEP by STEP]

Keywords are one of the most critical components of marketing and SEO.

Long-tail keywords are a type of keywords that help in bringing in a more refined audience to your site.

Finding the right keywords and especially long-tail keywords for your website can be difficult.

Are you worried about finding them for your content? Fret not because, with SEMrush, you can get the best long-tail keywords that will help increase your reach. 


What are Long-Tail Keywords?

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Long-tail keywords are more refined keywords that often include the specifics about a particular topic.

They have low search volumes. This is because they are very specific. 

Until and unless someone is genuinely interested in the topic, they would not search with these keywords.


It also leads to long-tail keywords having a higher conversion rate than the regular keywords of particular content. 

Additionally, the combined reach of multiple of these keywords is often higher than that of regular keywords, even the high-volume ones.

These keywords are usually phrases containing three or more words.

It is understandable because the more someone will look for a specific item, the more words they will type to make their results more selective. 

For example;

A regular high-volume keyword can be blue shoes. 

The corresponding long tail keyword for this can be “blue shoes that are washable,” “blue shoes with floral designs,” and more. Therefore, they are useful to lead to appropriate landing pages. They are also easy to promote. Usually, they can function with only an initial on-site optimization.

No other particular activities are required as such.

The cost per click or CPC for these keywords is also low due to the low competition and search volume. Nevertheless, the quality of the audience that these keywords bring is very high. 

These keywords are not the most beneficial for small websites that offer multiple services. They are more useful for larger websites and services, including eCommerce services. Use long tail, tailored keywords with specific phrases. It will be easier for you to rank your website higher by building its authority with bigger keywords that target potential traffic. 



How to Find Long-Tail Keywords Using SEMrush?

To use long-tail keywords, you need to research thoroughly.

In-depth investigation and experimentation are required as these keywords are highly specific and often unique to the topic. 

You should also update this list from time to time. A long-tail keyword list is the most resourceful when it is constantly up-to-date.

At SEMrush, 

You can get a list of long-tail keywords tailored to your content with just a few clicks.

Applying these methods, you can quickly get a list of long-tail keywords that will help you grow your content. You can do this in the following two ways.

Using the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

With the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool, you have to input keywords and your target country. 

SEMrush will generate a list of keywords. 

You can apply various filters to these as needed. 

Some of the filters include; volume, difficulty, and number of words. 

You can also choose from a broad match, exact match, related keywords, and more.

Keyword Manager is also made available to store all the keywords for later research. It is an excellent way to organize all the keywords – On final audit – The “export” button is made available to download your keywords.

Using the SEMrush Topic Research Tool 

The SEMrush Topic Research Tool is another useful tool to help you look for long-tail keywords.

This tool provides you with a number of different topics and several other information related to your keyword topic. Recent headlines regarding your keyword topic and questions are also presented. 

You can use these to get an idea of what your audience research topic. 


you can tailor long-tail keywords for your content.

A handy tool when you need to update your keyword list. 


In case you have not had much success with regular seed keywords, you might just want to switch to long-tail ones. You must continually evaluate your traffic and update your keyword list to get the most engagement on your content.

With easy tools like the ones available at SEMrush, it is easy to achieve these tasks! 


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