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How to Find Competitors from Ahrefs – [THE EASY WAY]

If you are thinking of increasing your search engine growth, you need to know your competitors and their pages to piggyback what they’re doing to attain their measurable success.

This is where Ahrefs SEO Analysis and Site Explorer Tool can help you to improve your SEO analysis and increase your reach on the search engine.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Tool

Site Explorer Tool is your ultimate tool to find the competitors and their techniques to increase search engines’ growth. The Site Explorer Tool incorporates three crucial SEO tools, including:

  1. Backlink Checker: With this tool, you can see which website has quality backlinks that link to your competitor’s site.
  2. Paid Traffic: With this tool, you can identify whether the competitor’s site is doing paid traffic research and where they are channeling their paid traffic.
  3. Organic Traffic: With this tool, you can get results for the keywords that your competitors are targeting and the pages that have a high search engine rank.

How to Find Competitor’s Pages Using Site Explorer?


We will show you how to use the Site Explorer tool to find competitors through organic research.

This tool comes in handy when we have to find the exact pages increasing the search engine traffic to your competitor’s websites and how you can use the results to increase your own website’s organic traffic.

Follow the steps to search for the competitor’s page in Site Explorer.

  • You are required to enter the domain name of the competitor you are looking for.

One way, you can add some queries or keywords related to your business, and the results will provide you with the websites that are targeting those keywords. 

  • With the competitor’s domain,  Hit enter click for results.
  • Once it completes the loading, you are provided with a list of webpages you can click on “Top Pages” in the sidebar menu.

  • Now, you have the list of your competitors having the highest organic search traffic.

You can also change the country as per your target country.

If you want to see the traffic from around the world, you can choose the “All countries” option.

Once you have chosen a competitor’s page, you can use the keyword drop down menu to show the list of keywords according to which it ranked highest in the search engine.

Targeting keywords might help you increase the traffic to your website.

Find Out the Competitor’s Backlinks

If you know how your competitors acquired backlinks, you can imitate their strategies on your website.

Go to Site Explorer and enter the name of the site of a competitor.

You can explore the reports on Backlinks, Referring Domains, and Overview.


In some cases, you might easily be able to find out some links that you can replicate. 

While looking at a competitor’s site, many backlinks might confuse you as to which one to choose for your website. You can filter your search by selecting the backlinks menu and then a new tab. That is how you will be directed to the latest and most-linked webpages to use for your website.  

What Else You Can Do with Site Explorer?

The Site Explorer Tool also offers you to explore the following.

Organic and Paid Keyword Research

With Site Explorer,

You can do both organic and paid keyword research to find out what your competitors are targeting. Explore the Organic Search section if you are looking for organic keywords and the Paid Search to get the reports on what keywords your competitors are placing their bids on.

Outgoing Links

The Outgoing Links will give you an insight into the linking patterns of the website.


You can find the best link according to your niche from the Pages section and select Best by links to filter and find the particular page.

This is how Site Explorer provides you with the ability to build links on your website by doing a competitor’s analysis.

Final Thoughts

Ahrefs, with a single tool, offers you several functions that make your research easy and efficient. Now, you have a complete guide to find the competitor and how they have reached a higher ranking in the search engine. You can use these strategies and build up your website to rank high in the search engine traffic.

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