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How to Find Broken Links in SEMrush? [The Easy Way]

Have you come across a blue-colored text on a website?

It is almost certain that you have, and you would have been curious to know about the information enclosed in it. 

Upon clicking the link

You will be redirected to another website with relevant information as per your need. 

These links are an important way in which business owners grow their online networking market. 

More commonly referred to as backlinks. 

These links are an integral part of the point of search engine optimization. 

Read on to know more insights about how you can find the broken links in SEMrush.

What are the broken links? 

There are situations when the pages on your website may stop functioning.

Due to URL structure change or other reasons, often leads to non-functioning links being present on your website, which may affect your traffic and lower your website's user experience. 

What should you do with these links? 

Broken links can seriously damage the reliability you have built in your online business.


You must must continuously audit your backlink profile. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is through SEMrushThis tool can easily identify the broken links on your website.

How do you identify these broken links through SEMrush? 

Step 1: Once you have an account on SEMrush,  

Open your dashboard that contains all the data regarding your search or domain. 

On your dashboard, 

You will come across the tab Domain Analytics on the left-hand side panel. 

Once you find it, click on it and move to step 2. 

Step 2: After clicking on Domain Analytics, you will see a list of options under it.

As you need to find the broken links, you will have to click on Backlinks. 


Step 3: When you click on Backlinks, 

A search page will appear on your screen. 

You need to enter the domain name you wish to check that has broken links on this page. 

This means you need to enter your website URL or anyone else where you have spotted the broken link on the search tab.

After you type the website's name,

Press enter or click on the search icon.

The search icon usually reads as Check It. 

Click on the ‘Check It' icon.

Step 4: Once done.

You will see many data appearing on your screen regarding the domain or website you have entered in the search tab. 

Some of this information includes the Overview, Anchors, Backlinks, Indexed pages, etc. 

Going further, 

You will also come across the total number of backlinks that are present on the website.

Besides the number of backlinks, there will be two numbers denoted in two different colors, i.e., green and red. 

The green number denotes the number of backlinks gained by the website, while the red number shows the number of backlinks lost by the website. 

Step 5: To know the broken links

You need to press on the red-colored number. There will be a list of the broken links present on the website. 

Through this list, 

You will come across all the broken links that have not been functional. 

How removing these backlinks helps? 

The steps mentioned above are some of the easiest ways to find out the broken links on any website.

It allows you to keep a more updated website and increase your targeted traffic engagement. 

Dead URLs on your page are generally not the best practice for SEO, and it decreases your website's engagement. 

Using this approach will ultimately hamper your business reputation.

Due to suddenly broken links that might arise without  you noticing,

It is always recommended to check the number of broken links on your website monthly or assign a VA to monitor your backlink profile.

An alternative tool you can use for backlink 404 audits is the screaming frog. 

With SEMrush,

You will be able to do this within just a few seconds and make changes more efficiently.


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