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How to Export Traffic Trend Data from SEMrush.

As businesses across the world are now shifting to the wide range of digital platforms available, there is a growing need to understand how all of these functions. 

One of the most critical insights that cater to businesses operating through online platforms is by understanding data. 

The data can be an amalgamation of various sources through which the consumers connect with the business houses or the number of times the business house’s website or page is being viewed. 

Apart from the source of traffic or the number of followers being gained every day, several other key factors help online businesses function. 

Some of these include impressions, views, demography, and various others. 

Due to the large amount of data being crucial for online commercial activities, it is equally important for these businesses’ houses to get this data and study it to nourish further and grow their business.

Read on to know more about the various insights about how you can export the traffic trend date from SEMrush and the best methods for the same.

What are the methods to export traffic trend data from SEMrush?

As mentioned above,

These activities are studied by the business’s social media marketing team to improve their online presence and finally generate more leads. 


if you are one of these business houses seeking to understand your online business dynamics, you need to start understanding your website’s traffic trends or page. 

14pt;”>data-preserver-spaces=”true”>To understand this, the following are some of the key ways to export the traffic trend data from SEMrush. 

Step 1: To get the data, you need to have the Traffic Analytics API. Through this, you will be able to view the traffic you need to study your own company or your competitor’s domain. Moreover, Traffic Analytics API will let you get instant data regarding the market trends and possible information to enhance your website or traffic source. 

Step 2: Next, You need to contact the sales team at SEMrush to get access to the Traffic Analytics API. This is because this API is not available in the standard subscription tool. Thus, don’t hold yourself back from contacting the sales team. 

Step 3: Once you have contacted the sales team and requested, you will automatically get access to your SEMrush account. With this access’s help, you will now generate the report and then export it into Google sheets for your convenience. 

Step 4: For exporting the traffic data in Google sheets, you need first to duplicate the template as given here. Once you have made this, you must enter the API key given to you in cell B4.

Step 5: Now, we need to know about the easiest part. All you have to do now is enter the domain name of your company or your competitors in the cell B6 or B7, and you will get all the data required about the domains entered in the subsequent cells. 

This will give you a full insight into the data trends regarding the websites you have entered, and then you can save this data for future references. 

Why is this important? 

The steps mentioned above are the easiest ways to get traffic trends regarding the domains you wish to study.

This excellent feature provided by SEMush is authentic and user-friendly as there are millions of businesses around the world that are using this tool. 

This has generated many more leads and helped target the group of people that businesses you wish to cater to. 


These traffic trends help you understand the loopholes that you need to address to cater to consumers around the world for your business. 

How will it help in business? 

Strategizing is one of the key tools for operating a successful business. 

In order to do this, you need specific tools like SEMrush that help you carry forward your business seamlessly. 

These important features available on SEMrush have helped large-scale and small-scale entrepreneurs step up and grow their business extraordinarily. 


If you are planning to get ahead with your business strategy, make sure to do in-depth research about the domain’s traffic trends.

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