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How to Download All the Keywords from Ahrefs – [ Simple STEP BY STEP]

Keyword research is the fundamental of any SEO project and plays a crucial role in determining your website’s rank on a search engine.

They improve the ranking by helping the search engine to understand your webpage. A high-ranking keyword can take your website from scratch to the top.

With Ahrefs, you have the ease of access to the Keyword Explorer Tool, where you can find numerous keyword suggestions.

Ahrefs supports Google and can also suggest keywords for other platforms such as YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Baidu, and many more.

How Can You Create Keywords Using Keyword Explorer Tool?

Keywords Using Keyword Explorer Tool?

You can enter as many keywords as you want at one time, and the tool will generate a huge search volume for these keywords.

Through clickstream analysis, you always get your updated report in terms of search volume.

When you are entering multiple keywords, the tools can provide general ideas for keywords in six ways.

general ideas for keywords in six ways.

  • Same Terms: Those keywords that contain the exact keyword you entered
  • Phrases match: Generate phrases that include your keyword
  • Search suggestion: Based on autocomplete queries
  • New keywords: Based on recent search queries
  • Top ranking pages: Show keywords that helped top-ranking pages
  • Questions: Based on the questions

You should not limit your keyword research for only Google search Engines; go for the other different search engines, including YouTube, Baidu, Amazon, and Bing, to better reach and understand your target keyword.

Look for The Parent Topic

In Ahrefs, Keyword 2.0 Explorer,

You can make use of the advanced features like Parent Topic.

A Parent topic will help you determine if your keyword can rank higher in the search engine while also targeting how many pages you need on your website to target that keyword.  

Check Your Keyword Difficulty Score

Ahrefs offers a metric to analyze the Keyword difficulty Score of your keyword, on which many competitors depend when they do keyword research.

The Keyword Difficulty calculates the score from 1 to 100, where 100 is the hardest score.

On the Ahrefs scale, even the score of 40 is seen as the Hardest.

It determines how difficult it is for that particular keyword to appear in the top ten search results. 

Metrics to Determine Keyword Difficulty

You can determine the difficulty level of a keyword by using the following advanced metrics.

Determine Keyword Difficulty

  • Clicks Per Search: It shows the result of the number of people who clicked the keyword after searching
  • Clicks: It shows the results of the average number of clicks in a month on your keyword.
  • Percentage of Organic vs. Paid Clicks: It shows the difference between paid and organic clicks.
  • Percentage of Clicks: It shows the percentage of your target keywords’ search that resulted in clicks.
  • Return Rate: It shows the repeated search of your target keyword.

SERP Overview 

When you are done with the keyword research, parent topic, and keyword difficulty score, it is time to look for the backlinks, organic keywords in organic traffic that these keywords provide.

That can be done using the SERP Overview feature in the Keyword Explorer.

You can access this feature to understand how these keywords are ranking where they do.

You can know the SERP volatility through the SERP Position history report that shows the top 5 currently ranking pages in the search results.

With this feature, it is easy to understand the value of your target keyword.

Saving the Keyword Lists

Saving the Keyword Lists

With the new Keyword Explorer 2.0, you have the feature to save your selected keywords. The keyword list can be visible on the home screen of the new version of Keywords Explorer 2.0.

You can also access it within the tool in the left navigation panel.

Keep on adding as many keywords you want in your list for future use.

When done, hit the Export Button to download all preferred keywords

Export Keywords Ahrefs

Final Thoughts

Ahrefs, with its Keyword Explorer Tool, offers to provide everything in one place for professionals’.

You do not have to use different websites for research, check the difficulty score, and use the SERP Features.

Now, you have done everything from searching the keyword to finally saving it.

You can finally start incorporating these in your website’s content. Make sure you’re keyword stuffing your content rather have it search and user friendly for both search engines and visitors.


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