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How To Create SEO Friendly Content With SEMRush [SIMPLIFIED]

SEO-Friendly content is a type of content written to help the search engines identify and understand what the content is all about and whom it targets. 

SEO or Search engine optimization can benefit your site in multiple ways by increasing the traffic and audience reach.

You can find a wide range of content in diverse categories on the internet, but not all of them can attract organic traffic. 

The question is,

How can you determine the success of your content? 

SEMRush is the most powerful SEO tool used by SEO professionals, including keyword research, runs an SEO audit of your website page or blog, creates content templates, improves your website's readability, and much more.   

Steps To Create SEO Friendly Content With SEMRush

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SEMRush is a trusted tool by many big corporations or internet marketers across the world. It helps you build your content from scratch and lead to rank it at the top of the search engine. 

Let us look at how you can create SEO-Friendly Content with SEMRush.

Research Your Topic

You have an idea of what your content should talk about, 


Do you know whether people on the internet want to read about? If not, you should start researching what is already trending on the internet.

SEMRush's Topic Research tool will show the content with the highest search volumes, headlines that relate to the audience's interest, and questions people ask on Google. 

You can get a rough idea about what the audience is looking for and generate a new concept based on that.  

Narrow Down Your Topic Research

To start researching the topic in the Topic Research tool, 

Enter a phrase or a keyword you want to know.

The tool will show you the results under different subtopics, out of which you can prioritize your search as per your goal.

  • Difficulty: Analyze the difficulty level of the topic to find which one is easier to promote
  • Volume: The topic that is most searched by the user
  • Topic Efficiency: Based on both difficulty and volume 

Look For What People Ask

Looking at what questions people ask on the internet will give you enough ideas to target those questions and solve their queries. 

You can look for the Questions section in the Topic Research tool for detailed review.

Search For Your Relevant Keywords

Now that you have decided on your topic, 

it's time to look for the relevant keywords with the Keyword Magic Tool's help. 

As soon as you enter your target word, the tool provides you with a wide range of related keywords grouped in different sub-list to make it easy for you to explore all the entities. 

Analyze Keyword Difficulty

Make sure you analyze the Keyword Difficulty to evaluate your target keyword's competitive score so that you can pick out low competitive keywords for your content.

At SEMRush, 

You can find the Keyword Difficulty score (KD%) on your keyword report page.

Optimize Your Meta Description

It is not just your headline visible on the search engine page, but also the Meta descriptions in the form of search engine snippets. 

Your Meta description should give brief information about your content, and it does not necessarily be identical to your title.

You can use the SEMRush Site Audit Tool to analyze the overall health of your website.

The results will show you if there are any duplicate Meta descriptions or create issues for the website to rank higher in the search engine.

Optimize Your Content Language And Length

Now that you have the perfect topic, keywords, and Meta description with you, it is time to move on to the most important part, that is, content creation. 


Before directly dwelling on writing, there are few things that every writer must consider:

  • Determine the language difficulty
  • Structure your content length 
  • Make it reading by using different subheading and bullet lists

SEO Content Template on SEMRush helps you do exactly what you need. You can easily set up an SEO Content template by searching for the topic or keyword you have in your mind. 

The result will show you what your competitors are writing to create your content from a different angle.

Ensure Your Content Is SEO- Friendly Before Publishing

In SEMRush

You can make use of SEO Writing Assistant to analyze that your Content is SEO-friendly before you publish it on the internet. SEO Writing Assistant is also available as an add-on for WordPress and Google that connects your Google or WordPress content with SEO Content Template. 

SEO Writing Assistant will check your overall readability score and tone consistency and recommend additional keywords for your content to make it identifiable for the search engines.

Final Thoughts

To create SEO-Friendly content is not an easy task, but with SEMRush, you require less effort to analyze and get your content optimized to become SEO-Friendly. 

Now that you know the steps to make your content SEO-Friendly with SEMRush, it's your time to apply these strategies to your content and make it rank higher in the search engines.


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