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How To Analyze Data On SEMrush? [Expand Your Traffic]

Data analysis and decision making go hand in hand as far as a business is concerned. 

Data in itself is just facts and figures. 


if you properly analyze it, no doubt, it will help you to make informed decisions for your organization. 

The analysis will help you to get a clear idea about what went wrong and what was the cause behind it. 

In turn, it will enable you to improve your business.

Are you looking for an incredible platform to analyze your business data? SEMrush is the best option to go with. 

If you want to learn how to analyze data on SEMrush? Read on; We provide an answer to the question

Different Tools To Analyze Data On SEMrush

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SEMrush is a must-have online marketing mechanism that provides you with a wide range of digital marketing tools. 

These tools will definitely aid you in growing your brand exponentially. 

So let us directly dive into some of the excellent tools that SEMrush offers for analyzing business data.

Site Audit Tool

Overall analyzing, 

Your website is of utmost necessity to get your hands on the most valuable information about your site. All these data can help you to make a reasoned choice among different alternatives. 

It also leads you towards making an error-free website. 

To acquire these investigated data, you can use the site audit tool of SEMrush.

This tool gives you a thorough analysis of your website’s health. Though audits are important, if you do not implement actions based on the report, all this information becomes meaningless. 


  • First, create a project in your SEMrush account. (Skip if you already have one.)
  • Next, on the navigation bar, click on the start site audit option.
  • A wizard will open, which will contain a few questions. 
  • Once you have answered them all, the tool will take some time to complete the audit. 

Content Analyzer Tool

Content is the heart of your website. 

If you can create interesting and appealing content for your target audience, then definitely it will drive huge traffic to your site. However, how to know whether the content crafted is captivating enough to attract customers or not? 

The best way is to use the content analyzer to analyze your content. 

This tool offered by SEMrush can help you to measure different factors like backlinks, keyword rankings, and various other elements that are prerequisites of good content.

It also examines the off-site reach of your thesis. 


  • Under the content marketing option, you can select the content audit tool.
  • Enter your domain name in the search box.
  • Select the sections of your site that are to be audited. 
  • Once the audit is complete, it will provide you with insights into your content.

Traffic Analytics Tool

How amazing it would be if you get to know who among your top competitors are bringing more traffic to their site.

It could help you to keep an eye on their plans and goals, possible if you use the traffic analytics tool provided by SEMrush. 

The SEMrush tool helps you to gather information about a website’s desktop traffic as well as mobile traffic. Along with analyzing your site, you can also inspect your competitor’s website to compare the data related to different factors like organic traffic, paid traffic, and search overview. 


  • Under the marketing insights option, click on the traffic analytics tool.
  • Enter your domain name along with your competitor’s domain name.
  • Click on the search button.
  • The overview report will appear in front of you.

Keyword Magic Tool

The relevance of keywords in the world of digital marketing is not an unknown fact anymore. Everyone understands and acknowledges that keywords are the key to ranking top on the SERPs. 


14pt;”>Ranking top on SERPs is the key to a successful online business. Therefore, SEMrush offers the keyword magic tool.

This tool helps you to do extensive keyword research.


It also allows you to export and group millions of keywords.


  • Under the keyword research option, select the keyword magic tool.
  • Enter the keyword in the search bar.
  • You will get millions of related keywords.
  • Filter and modify them as per your preferences. 


The moment you start using tools like SEMrush for analyzing your business data, you will feel the evolution in your brand. 

Proper planning and data analysis can definitely take your business to the apex. All you have to do is to record, organize, interpret, and present your business data appropriately with the help of some business marketing mechanism. 


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