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How Do You Find Spam Links In SEMrush? [ Easy Approach]

Everyone associated with digital marketing is well versed with the fact that backlinks are the key ranking factor. 


What if these links are spammy and toxic?

A lot of bad links can downgrade the ranking of your site on SERP. That is not all. 

Google can even penalize you for it. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pay heed to a regular check-up of your links.

What Are Spam Links?

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Spam links are unnatural bad links that own redundant websites and inapt anchor text.

They can undoubtedly damage the ranking of your website traffic achieved on efforts. The root domain of these links is either filled with countless duplicate contents or no content at all.   

There are a lot of factors that make these links toxic.

If a link has lower domain power or a poor layout, it can be considered as spam links. 


if a link leads to a page that shows an error, page not found (404), or better if the domain name contains numerals, these are great signs that make a toxic link on your website backlink profile. 

How To Find Toxic Links In SEMrush – Backlink Audit Tool

You get confused sometimes how the backlinks to your site have increased drastically out of nowhere Or probably upset about the decrease in organic traffic on your website,

If yes, then it might be as a result of toxic backlinks on your site. 

The SEMrush backlink audit tool will make your job easy.  

What Is a Backlink Audit Tool?

The Backlink Audit Tool is developed by SEMrush to analyze the links of your site. 

It examines each backlink to your site thoroughly so you can thrust aside those links that harm your website. 

You need to have a project to get started. 

You will notice a backlink audit tool on the navigation bar once a project is running on your SEMrush account

Click on it and proceed with the other process. 

How Does The Backlink Audit Tool work?


We know that spam links can be detected using the SEMrush backlink audit tool

So let us understand how this tool works.

Reviewing Your Links

Once you start with the process of auditing your backlinks, SEMrush will gather and analyze all the links to your website.

 It will display its metrics regarding the links on a page. 

Here, you can go through the different stats provided by this tool. It will exhibit a lot of elements, out of which toxic score is the most relevant. 

The higher the toxic score, the more it is dangerous for your site. 

The toxic score is the points that are given by examining all the toxic makers of SEMrush. 

You can keep the white links and can delete the bad links. When you have analyzed and decided which links are the spam links, the next step is to delete them, which involves either removing or disavowing them.

PS: Sometimes SEMrush might be prompting a false, You want to make sure you’re disavowing the bad ones from your website profile.

Removing The Toxic Links

Removing bad links means manually reaching out to its owner and asking them for removal.

Google recommends removing a link before disavowing them. 

When you select the links to remove, all you have to do is send a removal request to the bad link owners just by clicking on the send button. 

For this, 

You will have to attach an email to your SEMrush account. Keep following up and monitoring these requests. 

Disavowing The Spam Links

If sending a removal request doesn’t work, you are left with the option to disavow those spam links. 

When you are all set with the number of links to finally disavow, click on the export button. This will create your list into a .txt file. 


You should visit Google disavow tool to upload this file.

Once your file is uploaded, Google will not consider those bad links while ranking you on the results page. 

Summing Up

Though backlinks are essential for the ranking of your website, all backlinks are not always good. 

So it becomes important to use tools like SEMrush for protecting your website from spammy links. Always keep a watch on the links on your site. As and when you feel any link is against Google’s guidelines, remove or disavow them. Keep your site clean to rank on the top and to drive organic traffic. 

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