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The Truth About Youtube Video Backlink Checker

Backlinks are a type of hyperlink that link one website or webpage to another online location.

They are essential for the purposes of SEO (search engine optimization) since they demonstrate that the website or webpage that is being linked to is an excellent resource for a certain subject matter.

If a YouTube video has more backlinks, the search engines will view it as more credible; as a result, it will have a higher rating on the search engine results pages (SERPs) (search engine results pages).

This post will provide you with important recommendations to help you get started if you are seeking strategies to develop backlinks to your videos that are hosted on YouTube.

– How do I check my backlinks on YouTube?

You may view a comprehensive list of every link that points to your website by clicking the tab labelled “Your Links.” You can search for “YouTube” to find links on YouTube by using the filter for “Linking Page” (the page where the backlink originates).

This will filter all of your links so that only the ones that come from YouTube will be displayed.

– Do YouTube videos count as backlinks?

Create Valuable Backlinks: If you have a large number of videos uploaded to YouTube, this will assist you in creating valuable backlinks to your website. You will be able to secure a significant number of the highly sought-after do-follow links if you include your URL in the video description, as well as any custom links, and so on.

– How do I check SEO backlinks?

How can backlinks be located and verified?

Step 1: open up Link Explorer on your computer.

Step 2:  enter the URL of your rival.

Step 3: Select the “Inbound Links” tab from the available tabs.

Step 4: Export the info on the backlinks.

Step 5: The fifth step is to compile backlinks.

Step 6: Arrange all of your backlinks in ascending order of their Page Authority.

Step 7 involves looking for changes across all of the linking sites.

– Does Google have a backlink checker?

You may boost the rating of your website in the search results by using a program called Google Search Console, which is a free backlink checker tool.

Utilizing this tool,

You will be able to monitor and maintain the presence of your website in the search results. If you utilize Google Search Console, you will be able to determine whether or not Google is able to crawl your website.

– Are YouTube links do-follow?

It may make sense for your organization to include the YouTube channel of another group if the two of your organizations have very tight relationships to one another.

Only the first custom link you include, which is overlaid on the channel art, is a do-follow link. Of all of these YouTube connections, only one of them is a do follow link (in this case, minimatters.com).

– How can I check my backlinks for free?

Here are the top five free backlink analyzers that you ought to be using.

  1. The SEO Spyglass tool. One of those programs for analyzing backlinks that is genuinely capable of doing it everything…
  2. Google’s search console (Search Console). A completely free backlink tool that has a high data allowance, but just a few options for performing backlink research…
  3. Seobility…
  4. Ahrefs…
  5.  Moz…
  6.  Yext…
  7. SEMrush.

– Does linking to YouTube help SEO?

That’s a lot of search traffic, and ranking a video for a keyword that gets a lot of people is a surefire way to boost revenue.


YouTube is also a good way to develop links to your website that are of high quality and are relevant to your business. Your e-commerce website’s YouTube channel can, with the appropriate strategy, help it get a higher ranking on Google.com (and Bing.com too).

– How do you do SEO on YouTube?

7 basic SEO tips for YouTube that will help you rank better in searches

  1. Make sure you carefully select your keywords…
  2. Include relevant keywords in the title of your video…
  3. Make sure the video file you upload contains the term…
  4. Optimize your YouTube video description. …
  5. To drive search results on YouTube, include hashtags in video descriptions…
  6. Pick a video category that you want to watch…
  7. Modify the image of your thumbnail as you see fit.

– How do I get DoFollow backlinks on YouTube?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a DoFollow Link from YouTube

  1. Obtain a username and password for a YouTube account…
  2. The use of Google Webmaster Tools for the verification of all do follow links on YouTube is required…
  3. When it is finished, navigate to the following website: http://www.youtube.com/verify….
  4. After you have logged in, navigate to the Advanced Channel Settings section of your YouTube account.
  5. Navigate to the associated website area and fill up the box with your website or blog address. DoFollow link status is automatically assigned to Tumblr and domain names that contain the word “WordPress.”

– How do I extract backlinks?

  1. Navigate to the page for the backlink extraction tool.
  2. Type in or enter the URL of the webpage.
  3. Determine the total number of backlinks you wish to acquire.
  4. Click the button that says “submit.”
  5. Within a few seconds, the tool will display a list of all of the backlinks that are associated with the website across all search engines.


-What is a good number of backlinks?

If the backlink comes from a website with high domain authority, it will be beneficial to your rankings. In general, a ranking from 60 to 100 is considered fantastic, 40 to 50 is considered acceptable, and anything below 40 is not particularly impressive.

-Where do I find backlinks in Google Analytics?

The following is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to check backlinks in Google Analytics:

First, choose the Google Profile that corresponds to your needs…

Step 2: Select Referrals from the dropdown menu under Acquisition Reports after selecting All Traffic.

Step 3: Utilize the Referral Report to Conduct an Examination of Your Backlinks.

-How do I know if my link is dofollow or nofollow?

How Can You Tell If a Link Has the Nofollow Attribute?

To view the source of the page, right-click your browser and select “View page source.”

The next step is to search for the link within the page’s HTML code.

A link is considered to be nofollowed if it contains the rel=”nofollow” property. In all other cases, the link will be followed.


Building backlinks to the films you’ve uploaded to YouTube is a terrific strategy to attract new visitors to your website.

When you have quality videos to upload, you have a foolproof plan for success since people will watch them and search engines will give the links included in the video descriptions more weight. Once you have these films, you may consider your mission accomplished.

First, ensure that you submit videos of great quality that are optimized and contain the links that are relevant, and then use the following 12-pointers to build your backlinks so that you can rank higher than you did previously.

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