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Top 20 Amazon Affiliate Questions and Answers [The COMPLETE LIST]

Amazon affiliate also called ‘ Amazon associates ‘, is an affiliate marketing program. Being an Amazon associate is a simple way to earn additional income from a brand.


Signing up for an Amazon affiliate is free of cost. 

How does being an Amazon affiliate work?

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Once you sign up for the program and receive approval, you can use your website’s product links. 

It is recommended that you use it on an active website or blog with high traffic.

Once you advertise on your blog or website using the specific product tagged link (provided to you), any of your followers or readers may click and follow that link to Amazon. 

If they purchase the product from that page, you may earn up to 10% of the product fees as your advertising fees for advertising for them.

How does Amazon affiliate pay you?

As a participant of the program, you will receive a certain percentage of the buyer’s total amount paid to Amazon. 

There are fixed advertising rates listed on the website, which will guide you to the amount you will receive for a purchase done by the buyer. 

It is also important to note that certain products are listed on the site that do not qualify for advertising rates. 

That is, 

you will not receive any percentage of money for these products.

You can find them under the ‘excluded products’ list.

There are also special program fees, with Bounty Fees, which means you will receive a certain fixed amount of money if a buyer purchases that service. There is no involvement of a percentage-based fee in this type of purchase.

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Amazon affiliate requires you to provide them with your account number, bank name, and IFSC code for your payments, which will be directly sent to your bank account. 

Fees are earned after the order has been shipped to the buyer.

Can I use Amazon images on my website?

Amazon allows the associates to use Amazon images on your website, provided you follow their Amazon Associates Program Policies, listed on the associates’ website. 

Although you cannot use the images, you cannot copy and paste them on your website. 

This may lead to suspension of your account or lead you to legal trouble.

In addition to being registered with Amazon associates, you need to use Amazon’s API or SiteStripe.

Additionally, certain products are excluded from the Amazon associates’ program that shouldn’t be shown on your website.

Can Amazon affiliate links be cloaked?

Link cloaking is the process of disguising the affiliate link URL so that the affiliate ID is less visible.

This makes it look more appealing and difficult to recognize if it’s an affiliate link.

According to the Amazon affiliates operating Agreement Program Policies, Amazon affiliate links are not allowed to be cloaked. You may be banned from the website if found guilty of such act.  

Can I have my Amazon affiliate withhold taxes?

Yes, it can. 

Regardless of the country you belong to, withholding tax will be as per the government regulations’ norms at that time.


If you provide a certificate from the authorities for a reduced or nil withholding tax, Amazon affiliates will process the withholding tax accordingly.


Depending upon the country you reside in, the tax will vary. Amazon associates will provide a withholding tax certificate as per the government rules. 

Can I link my website to Amazon?

Yes, you are allowed to place a link on your website, directing your audience to the products you have listed on Amazon.


You cannot place a link on Amazon to direct the audience to your website.  

Can I put affiliate links on YouTube?


You can put affiliate links on YouTube.

Make sure you add your YouTube channel to the Amazon associates’ dashboard. It is also advised to put links to products relevant to the YouTube video you are uploading.

Can you use one Amazon affiliate account for different countries?

The affiliate program is currently available in 12 countries other than the US.

Unfortunately, there is no global account that can be used for all countries at once.

You will have to make a separate account for each country. 

You can link your Amazon affiliate accounts for different countries together so that you can have a view of your total earnings at the Global Summary Report, under the Reports tab. 

Can you use a pretty link on Amazon affiliate links?

Pretty links are the plugin for WordPress, used to add your affiliate links to your website and intelligently place them throughout your WordPress page. 

Pretty links help you to manage your links effectively instead of doing it manually.

Using pretty links, you can also group, sort, track clicks for your links. 

In terms of Amazon affiliate, no, you cannot use pretty links on Amazon affiliate links.

This may lead to you being banned from your account. Using pretty links violates the Associates Program Operating Agreement.

How is the conversion rate calculated on Amazon affiliate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and purchase a product through your affiliate link to your website’s total number of visitors.

As a general guideline, conversion rates of 0.5% to 1% are considered average.

In affiliate marketing, the conversion rate increases as clicks on the affiliate links increase.

How to tell if an Amazon link is an affiliate?

To decode a link and know if it is an affiliate link takes a little bit of practice and attention.


If the Amazon link is an affiliate, you will see tag=<the advertiser’s ID> as a part of the link.

For example,

In the following link,


The presence of tag=09720 proves that it is an affiliate link.

Is the affiliate disclaimer footer link good for Amazon?


It is good for Amazon, as it is a part of their policy for all associates to write a disclaimer. It builds customer trust and reliability on Amazon. 

Where to share Amazon affiliate links?

You can share your Amazon affiliate links on your website, blogs, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, Buying guides, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and other social media accounts. 

On the other hand, it is against the policy of Amazon associates to advertise using websites you do not own.

For example, Google Ads.

Do not post your affiliate link on Amazon review pages.

How old do you have to be to use Amazon?

According to Amazon’s age restrictions, you need to be 18 years or older to use Amazon.

Minors below the age of 18 can use it with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

What kind of reports can I see on my Amazon affiliate account?

  • You can view a report of the last 30 days of activity in the form of a graphic.
  • You can view the number of clicks through your affiliate links.
  • The total number of times that were ordered through your affiliate links.
  • The total number of items dispatched to buyers.
  • The total number of items that were returned to Amazon.
  • Shipped items revenue: The total sum of the sales of the products already-sent.
  • Total earnings: The total of all the referral fees you have earned.
  • You can also view the total number of orders that were made via a particular product link.

When are the reports on Amazon associates updated?

The reports for ordered items and bounties are updated within an hour of the order being placed. Your earnings report, as of today, will show you yesterday’s full day of earnings.

What are the conditions when Amazon associates will not pay the advertiser?

  • If a product is added to the shopping cart after the expiration of the applicable session.
  • If any product purchase is not rightly tracked due to incorrect formatting of the Associate links on your website.
  • Any product which is purchased by you, the advertiser, using special links.
  • A link to the Amazon site, which includes a redirecting link.

Are there any other types of links other than the text link?

SiteStripe is a tool provided by Amazon associates.

It allows the advertiser to choose any link to use on their website.

  • The text link includes a complete-partner link or a short link. You can choose either of them.
  • Image link 
  • Text and image links include the product name, product image, and product price.

What are widgets on Amazon associates?

Widgets are interactive mini-applications available on your Amazon associates account, which can be personalized. You will be provided with the HTML code which is to be used on your website. 

  • The slideshow widget displays a slideshow of all the products you wish to display on your website. They can be of images, books, CD covers, etc. 
  • The carousel widget displays the products in an engaging 3D carousel wheel pattern.
  • My favorites widget allows you to express your taste and display your top recommended products.


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