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Tips for Hiring a Guest Posting Service [ The hidden TRUTH]

Do you want to expand your online presence?

Guest posts are the key to success.

The most difficult challenge when starting a blog is getting people interested in your content. For traffic generation, most people turn to social media marketing. Hiring a guest post provider to assist you with guest posts is a better option.

guest posting approach.

In this article,

We will look at the factors to consider before hiring a guest posting service.

Establish a budget

When you’re getting ready to launch your blog, set aside some money for guest posting services.

The most important thing to remember is that your goal should not be to get the cheapest service.

Affordability and quality should be your goals.

Successful track record

When you choose a guest posting service, be sure they have a track record of accomplishment.

You’ll have to put in some effort in this area.

You should look at the service’s testimonials and reviews. The benefit of this method is that you will quickly determine whether the service is worthwhile.

At the same time, you should check out some of the service’s guest posts.

The advantage is that you will have a better understanding of how the provider presents its job. This is the point at which you can determine whether or not you require the service.

Personalized strategy

Before the agency starts guest posting for you, their service must meet your criteria.

You must inform the service of your objectives. Some blog owners, for example, desire to be the authority in their niche. There are occasions when you need to increase blog traffic.

Second, you want to build backlinks to your blog.

The service should establish the guest posting roadmap while keeping your aims in mind.

As a blog owner, you’ll also need to plan.

For example, you’ll need to figure out who your blog’s target audience is. You must distinguish whether you are writing for beginning, intermediate, or advanced readers.

You must advise your guest posting service with this information. 

Guest Posting Techniques


The best strategy is for the guest post service to run a Google search with the specified keywords first.

This method has the advantage of allowing the service to detect a wide range of guest postings. They should show these posts to the blog’s owners to see if they like the same style. 

The service should also check competitor backlinks. In addition, the guest posting provider should run a Twitter search to find tweets about guest articles in your business.

Support team

The most important part is to communicate with the support crew.

It will give you a good indication of whether you can work with them long-term. Submit your questions.

If the customer service team responds quickly, you’re on the right track. If they take a long time to answer, it means the service will be of little use to you.

Most services now offer many guests blogging options.

You should determine which plan best meets your requirements. A basic guest posting strategy, for example, could result in 100 organic visitors. The second plan, on the other hand, may result in 500 organic visits.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The service’s involvement does not end with the publication of the post.

They should have an in-house quality assurance staff to check the content.

As a result,

You won’t have to go over each piece thoroughly. You can rest assured that the article is of high quality. 

Questions to Ask Guest Posting Agencies Before Hiring

2-Phase Guest Posting is a guest posting service that enables you to submit content to high-quality niche sites and get fantastic results.

Before being published,

Each piece of content is optimized and authorized by clients. If you intend to use guest posting services, do your homework and ask lots of questions. 

Here are some of the questions you can ask:

– Can you provide content samples with good links?

You can assess the link sample’s quality as well as the material they created.

The text must flow nicely and contain information that users are looking for.

– Do you provide 100% original content?

To confirm that the content is unique, see if they utilize a plagiarism checker.

Google appreciates material that is both valuable and distinctive.

Check the content they wrote for uniqueness because duplicate content can hurt your SEO ranking. If the vendor can’t give you something unique, you can take your idea somewhere else.

– Do you have a method for evaluating content?

Quality content is required. Quality content must:

  • Contain proper punctuation.
  • Not contain grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Add value
  • Be easy to read

– What is the maximum number of revisions available?

If any inaccuracies are discovered, inquire about the number of revisions available.

Two revisions of the text they write are usually offered.

Remember that guest posting services that focus on making their clients happy and satisfied receive positive feedback.

Ask them to know if they will give you new content if you are dissatisfied with the one they wrote.

Will the content solely contain links to my website?

Check to see if they connect to other sites in their material or if they solely link to your website. It doesn’t matter if a few sites are connected.

But if there are more than 5, your link’s value will be lower than if it were the only link on the page.

– What is the location of the links within the content?

It is recommended that the link be put near the top of the content.

It’s also safe if you put it in the footer.

Wrapping Up

If you’re going to use a guest posting service, be smart and hunt for niche links.

Use branded anchor text and valuable content. Don’t forget to consider a relevant link on a site with unique information that helps end-users.

Also, keep an eye on the traffic patterns after the service begins guest posting.

This will tell you whether or not the service is working hard enough. If you want to take your blog to the next level, guest posting is an essential component.

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Grow Your Business With 1stpage Agency Guest Posting Services

 Guest posting is the best way to reach your target audience, and through our 2-phase guest posting approach, 1stpage Agency can help business owners a lot with it. 

Marketing is the most effective way to expand your business.

New and improved content marketing tactics enable organizations to contact their target audience more effectively than ever before thanks to technological improvements. 

grow bsuiness

In this article, we’ll look at how 1stpage Agency’s unique guest posting strategy can help your company expand its reach.

Why Should Your PR Strategy Include Guest Posting?

A link to a bio page or a business website that gives more information is generally included in guest posts. Everyone who reads the article will benefit from this exposure. Not only will you be able to reach a new audience.

But these backlinks will also help you improve your SEO.

When it comes to acquiring new clients, providing your readers with tools, actionable insights, and practical advice is a wonderful way to build trust.

It also gives your audience a taste of how cooperating with you could benefit their company. 

Backlinking is the main advantage of guest posting. Inbound linking, also known as backlinking, acts as a portal between two websites. When a potential client reads about your product and services on another website, all they have to do is click on your link to be taken straight to your site.

Backlinks aren’t merely for attracting visitors from other websites.

It also aids in enhancing your search engine presence. The more hyperlinks to reputable websites you have, the more organic searches you’ll get from search engines.

Backlinking also aids in the indexing of your website by search engines.

Search bots will discover your website when they are crawling other websites if you backlink it to a high-quality website.

Backlinking can help new website owners become more visible by increasing their visibility.

What You Should Know About 1stpage Agency Guest Posting Services

One of the best features of 1stpage Agency’s guest posting services is that you have access to top-notch content writers.


As you probably know, the success of your guest post is determined by the quality of your material. Apart from creating high-quality content, 1stpage Agency also recognizes the value of SEO.

So you can rest assured that your content will be optimized for search engines.


1stpage Agency recognizes the value of link building for website owners looking to boost their online visibility. Driving traffic to your website and official social media accounts is the most effective approach to accomplish this. More visitors to your business page mean more conversions and sales.

This is a generally accepted idea that explains why companies are having difficulty increasing their online presence.

The 2-phase guest posting strategy employed by 1stpage Agency achieves this.

This leads to the subject of traffic quality.

Not all website visitors are of high quality. Instead of strengthening your search engine optimization technique, some will merely increase your bounce rate. 1stpage Agency will only provide you with high-quality, targeted traffic.

In a nutshell,

Here’s how 1stpage Agency’s guest posting service can help you expand your business:


The most important reason for beginning to write guest blogs is to establish relationships. Quality content is required for every blog (including yours), and the well runs dry at times.

You create a relationship with a blogger via guest posting, and who doesn’t want to be friends with other bloggers? This will assist you in expanding your online influence sphere.

Consider all the positive things that will come your way if your blogging pal is influential.


Guest posting has long been used to build links.

When writing a guest post, include a link to your website in the author bio so that visitors may find out more about you.

This backlink is good for SEO because what search engine doesn’t like a real link that isn’t spam?

You can be confident that the value of your blog will rise in the rankings if you help yourself guest post frequently on respectable and relevant sites.

Increase in traffic

The connection is valuable for both search engines and new readers. If they appreciate your article, they will click through to learn more about you.

This is why a guest post requires more effort than a post for your blog.

Your guest post is a representation of your knowledge in a new setting, and you want to make a fantastic first impression!

A lot of traffic could come your way if you manage to hook the new readers.

Gaining a better expert reputation

Your blog followers already know you’re an expert, so let’s broaden the scope a little.

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to develop thought leadership in a new group. What better way to let folks know you’re an expert in your field than to write about it in a public forum?

Social media promotion

In today’s world, blog popularity is inextricably linked to social media success.

If the readers of your guest post enjoy what you have to say, they will likely follow you on social media to keep up with you and what you have to say about your industry.

This is a great way to create a social media community that is relevant and active.

Revenue growth

New visitors will eventually become dedicated readers.

Guest posting will help you grow revenue by turning these devoted readers into consumers.


 Wrapping Up

One of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd is to write guest posts.

Providing engaging and persuasive articles—the kinds that people save and refer to again and again—is an important part of establishing yourself as an industry thought leader. 

1stpage Agency is the industry leader in all-inclusive link development and 2-phase guest posting services.

We’ve contributed guest posts to several industry-leading sites and assisted new websites in achieving their SEO objectives.

Try 1stpage Agency and see how quickly your business grows.

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7 Best Outreach Tools to Simplify Your Guest Posting in 2022

By making content that gets shared a lot on social media, blogger outreach is one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks.

In other words,

Blogger outreach can help businesses find the right bloggers, grow their lists of contacts, make email templates, and publish guest posts. 

Blogger outreach tools play an important role in streamlining the entire process.

We’ll look at the top outreach tools for guest posting in this article.

 SEO Moz Toolbar- MozBar

The MozBar is a superb all-around SEO toolbar for Chrome and Firefox that gives you access to a variety of useful metrics, including Domain Authority and Page Authority.

There is also nofollow highlighting and connections to traffic data sites like Quantcast, Alexa, and Compete, among others. Back Tweets and other interesting features are available.

This tool is beneficial for link prospecting for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, a SERP overlay of Domain Authority and Page Authority can be useful for first-quality checks. 


the MozBar for Firefox lets you export SERPs to a CSV file, which you can use with the SEO Gadget bulk analysis tool, which we’ll talk about later.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is the next tool on our list; it’s an influencer marketing tool for bloggers and public relations professionals who want to find new bloggers quickly.

The tool is not free, but after providing your credit card information, you can use it for seven days for free.

It has its email automation technology for influencer outreach that can be used to find bloggers and build backlinks.

Ninja Outreach has the following features:

  • Ability to cancel the service within seven days if you are unhappy with it.
  • It contains a comprehensive list of bloggers that its algorithm collects from all across the web.
  • Ability to track conversation histories, open emails, clicks, and responses with the tool.


One of the most well-known SEO and keyword research tools is Ahrefs. It’s also useful for tracking down backlinks from competitors.

You can immediately approach bloggers with your proposition once you have the backlinks.

Log into Ahrefs and look for backlinks from competitors. Make a list of websites that connect to your competitor’s website.

Once you’ve gotten the backlinks, contact the bloggers directly with personalized email messages.

Ahrefs is one of the most effective link-building tools available for making an influence in the digital world and profiting from your websites. 

Ahrefs has the following features:

  • Combines keyword research with ‘clicks’ statistics.
  • Examines past SERP results to identify content gaps.
  • Uses the Content Explorer function to locate link prospects.


Hunter is an email-finding tool that works in a variety of ways. It keeps adding new features that are critical for successful outreach programs.

Google and Microsoft are among the nearly 2 million clients who utilize Hunter. 

Hunter has the following qualities:

  • Domain search: This helps you find emails for any niche by searching Hunter’s database.
  • Email address finder: Simply enter a person’s name, company name, or domain to look up their email address.
  • Ability to verify numerous email addresses and look for concerns such as hard bounce rates, email formatting, and domain information.
  • Gmail users can utilize Hunter to track when emails are opened and replied to. This application also allows you to simply plan emails for sending or follow-up.
  • Hunter chrome extension: The Hunter chrome extension allows you to lookup email addresses for any domain.
  • Email personalization: To make your outreach process go more smoothly, create email templates. If necessary, you can customize each email sent as part of your outreach effort.

Link Builder from Wordtracker

You may use this tool for prospecting, managing relationships, and analyzing your backlink profile. Simply create a new campaign, enter your keywords, competitors, and settings, and you’re good to go.

You’ll be given a large list of prospects to sort through using a range of options such as site types, techniques, and more. 

You may import contact data, add notes, and even check for link placement once you’ve selected who you want to target.


 Link Prospector by CitationLabs

Garrett French and developed the Link Prospector, which does exactly what it says on the tin: it looks for linking opportunities.

You can choose your area, depth of search, web/ blog results, date range, and TLD, apply safe search criteria, and then exclude any sites on a global or campaign level. 

There’s a guest posting form of report, but there are also links pages, content promoters, giveaways, reviews, donations, and a lot more.

Simply input your keywords or search phrases and wait for the report to run after you’ve customized all of your campaign parameters.

After that, you’ll be able to export your reports with only the domains or individual URLs.

High Group

For blogger outreach, influencer marketing, and email marketing automation, Group High is the go-to tool.

It’s ideal for anyone looking for influencers but unsure where to begin.

The built-in dashboard, which is included with the Group premium membership, allows customers to manage, monitor, and create leads from a single holistic dashboard.

Group High’s main features include the following:

  • Group High can track backlinks and domain authority (DA) for blogs.
  • It uses an algorithm to look up the influencer rankings.
  • It provides insights on content statistics to automate the content strategy.


Wrapping Up

Given the importance of having a well-structured link-building plan that can influence readers, 1stpage Agency’s 2-phase guest posting technique produces effective outcomes. Each of our clients receives natural backlinks from niche-relevant sites that drive real traffic.

We place a premium on producing information that is both useful and informative to readers.

Our guest posting services deliver long-term results, not merely for the sake of quality and appearance.

Our goal is to provide readers with useful stuff.

Our material is written by dedicated and professional writers. With our flexible, cost-effective, and risk-free services, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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2-Phase Guest Posting: New Link Acquisition Approach That SEO Professionals Prefer

Off-page SEO techniques like guest posting on other blogs can help you gain high-quality backlinks and generate new leads.

Our 2-Phase Outreach Methodology for Guest Post Success



  •  PHASE 1:  This phase involves coming up with content and publishing the first guest article ton an authority website.
  •  PHASE 2:  We find topically relevant and existing article on the website then have our partners internal link to the newly published guest article in phase 1.

Backlinks are important for increasing the authority of a website.

The links given by current sites help search engines discover new web pages. Furthermore, you must be discoverable for a search engine like Google to track your page.

2-Phase Guest Posting provides a one-of-a-kind guest posting technique. This method not only aids in the acquisition of high-quality backlinks in your field but also in the indexing of your links faster on SERP as links are internally linked back to before reporting. 


To Get Started;


Why Do SEO Experts Prefer 2-Phase Guest Posting?

Guest posting is beneficial to both the writer and the websites that host the content.

This method can help websites acquire visibility while also increasing their authority, a goal that many SEO specialists strive for. 

2-Phase Guest Posting has a lot of advantages for your site. It is a legal and efficient method of obtaining linkages.

Here are a few reasons why SEO experts use the 2-phase guest posting strategy:

It improves backlink profiles

Backlinks are an important aspect of the web’s architecture and have long been a ranking factor.

As a result, establishing and earning backlinks is an important part of any SEO strategy. These links serve as votes, granting authority to a website. The greater the number of backlinks to your site, the more authority it has.

Backlinks are vital for SEO because they help search engines identify how authoritative and relevant a site is on a given topic, which can improve its search engine result page rankings (SERPs).

Because they function as citations, high-quality links are essential.

Medium and Reddit, for example, were designed to contain the content of guest authors and are highly regarded by Google. Users reference sources by citing links, demonstrating the relationship between link development and guest blogging. In the same way, backlink’s function.

When a site has a lot of high-quality backlinks, search engines know it’s a good citation, and it deserves to be higher in the SERPs. 

The links, on the other hand, must be contextual and relevant for a search to be effective. Search engines may punish sites that employ black-hat tactics, such as putting as many links as possible on as many sites as possible without regard to relevance or user experience. This isn’t to say that guest writing is a problem; it simply means that the quality of the content comes first, and the links must be arranged around it. Guest blogging gets contentious when the links are excessively promotional, over-optimized for keywords, or coerced. 

SEO experts prefer the 2-phase guest posting strategy because it provides them with

  1. High-quality relevant backlinks that help their sites rank higher in organic search results.
  2. Fast Link index on Google, since newly posted articles are deep linked on publication. 
  3. Foundation referring domains (RDs) to your newly article from Phase 2 activity.
  4. Save money from building Tier 2&3 links garbage.

It increases the number of people who know about what you’re offering

The 2-phase guest posting approach will help you grow your online influence by reaching out to individuals. The hosting websites can combine their audiences with yours, which might be a more efficient approach to growing your audience than generating material on your own.

This also aids in brand awareness and exposure, as well as the growth of subscription bases on websites and social media.

It helps in generating qualified leads

2-Phase Guest Posting can assist your website in attracting qualified leads, resulting in higher conversion rates and sales.

Your website could acquire attention from an undiscovered audience who are more likely to buy your product if you use the right host site in your niche business.

It’s one thing to get traffic; it’s another to get qualified leads that could turn into sales.

This is made easier with two-phase guest posting.

Wrapping Up

It would help your site’s search ranking tremendously if authoritative sites link back to yours. Backlinking to credible websites will help Google and other search engines index your blog by making your content more recognizable.

This is what 2-Phase Guest Posting can help you achieve.

2-Phase Guest Posting will provide you with high-quality backlinks, enhancing your credibility with Google, other search engines, and end customers. The more backlinks your website receives, the higher its search engine rating will be. 

So, start utilizing 2-Phase Guest Posting’s guest posting strategy to generate as many new backlinks as possible.

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How Local Businesses Can Build Quality Backlinks via Guest Posts [The PROCESS]

One of the most challenging components of SEO is link building. To rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You must first obtain quality links from reputable websites, as inbound links are a major ranking component.

Your SEO campaign’s success hinges on link building.

It is difficult to obtain relevant backlinks. Creating useful content for your website facilitates the acquisition of high-quality links.

Backlinks are an important aspect of Google’s and other search engines’ algorithms for ranking. Although the way they measure links has evolved, their relevance has not.

Backlinks are an endorsement of your website from other websites.

The favorable attention that your content receives if it is topically relevant and entertaining will always benefit you. People will connect to your work or share it online if it is beneficial.

In this article,

We will discuss how local businesses can get quality backlinks using guest posts.

Why Do Local Businesses Need Guest Posting?

Increased website visibility

Guest blogging strengthens your SEO strategy in addition to increasing your influence and authority. Because of the authority links it generates, 1stpage Agency experts recommend this method.

Quality backlinks from authoritative blogs provide you with link juice, which translates to a higher-ranking website.

A good search ranking is also important because it makes your website visible to potential buyers.

People are more likely to click on top-ranked sites, increasing traffic and conversion opportunities for your company.

Connection with important individuals

It’s not only about broadening your reach on the Internet when it comes to online marketing. It’s all about connecting with the right individuals.

These are the people who are most likely to buy your product.

Because the followers of the same-niche blogger are likely to be interested in your service, guest posting allows you to connect directly with qualified leads. Guest posting emerges as a significant opportunity for local businesses when these facts and benefits are considered.

It’s an important approach to implement because it can help you grow.

Increases Brand’s influence

Another reason to embrace guest blogging is that it allows you to leverage your content to create impact. Providing excellent material is just as important as reaching out to bloggers because it is this that motivates them to promote you.

Your experience and expertise impact the local audience, which reads good content (even on the influencer’s site).

This strengthens your market position and your company’s basis.

Networking with other local companies

Guest blogging allows your company to network with other local businesses as well as interact with local buyers.

There’s a good chance you’ll be given the option to form lucrative business connections that can help you expand. Even multinational corporations seek to work with the greatest local firms.

As a result,

The exposure you gain by guest posting might be extremely beneficial to you.

It boosts brand’s authority

You may increase your authority by using guest posting as part of your marketing mix.

And because you only have a tiny area to cover and a small number of people to impress,

this is quite simple.


Being a municipal government allows you to compete with larger corporations.

Local buyers are more inclined to buy from you than from worldwide companies if you become a trusted name in your community.

The answer is simple: you are dependable and close by!

Steps for Building Backlinks with Guest Posts

Search for websites to contribute to

You must first locate a website that accepts guest authors and is actively seeking content before you write a guest blog post.

Aside from that,

Make sure that posting on the site will assist you in achieving your objectives.

There are several methods for locating websites that welcome guest posts.

You can use Google, for example, to identify sites that accept guest posts on the themes you wish to write about. Here are a few examples of search terms:

  • [topic keyword phrase] + “become a contributor”
  • [topic keyword phrase] + “write for us”
  • [topic keyword phrase] + “guest article”

Build a relationship with the website owner

You’ll need to build a relationship with site owners before approaching them to recommend a guest article.

Follow them on Twitter where a lot of people share their content or subscribe to their site on Feedly, where you’ll be notified anytime new content is published.

Come up with a winning topic

It’s time to come up with a pitch topic when you’ve got a thorough idea of your target site and what matters to the owner.

You should already be aware of the site’s current popularity. Consider how you can improve the situation by:

  • Taking action in response to what’s on the website
  • Adding to a popular topic with extra information
  • Creating something new on a topic that is likely to appeal to the audience

Pitch your idea

Avoid using generic guest posting proposals if you want your guest blogging approach to be successful.

With very little effort, if you’ve done your investigation as we advised before, you’ll be able to develop a compelling pitch that’s tailored to each site owner.

Pay attention to the following while pitching your idea:

  • Keep your pitch brief and concise.
  • Refer to them by given name
  • Add the title of the post (preferably in the email subject and within the body of the email)
  • Give a brief description of the position;
  • Demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

Write outstanding content

The next step is to compose your guest article if your pitch is accepted. You want to make it better than your best, especially if this is your first time writing for a website.

To write outstanding content, you must consider the following:

  • Write a Catchy Title
  • Carry out keyword research
  • Link appropriately
  • Use images, and
  • Properly format your post

1stpage Agency’s Approach to Guest Posting;

To produce a well-balanced natural backlink profile, 1stpage Agency plans your link-building activities to align with a solid content marketing strategy.

This assures you that you’ll be okay even if the algorithm changes.

1stpage Agency uses a 2-phase outreach methodology (referred to as 2-phase guest posting) to acquire top-quality and relevant links.

The phases include:

Phase 1

In this phase, the agency will create and publish your first guest post on a reputable website.

Phase 2

1stpage Agency will then locate a thematically related and existing article on the website, and then have our partners create an internal linking to the freshly published guest post from phase 1.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing guest posting needs to 1stpage Agency is a smart move for local businesses that want to leverage the agency’s 2-phase guest posting technique to build high-quality links in their niches.

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Internal Links for SEO; How Pros Use it.

Internal links are hyperlinks that redirect to pages on the same website.

These links help in passing PageRank (or SEO value) and context via anchor text and surrounding content.

Why are Internal Links Crucial for SEO?

Internal links play a key role in helping Google find, index, and understand all your website pages.

If you use internal links strategically, they can send your website’s page authority (or PageRank) to important pages.

In a nutshell, internal linking is important for any website that wants to rank high in Google.

Best Internal Linking Practices

Now that we’ve taken a brief look at why internal links are important to SEO,

let’s proceed to the best internal linking strategies that you can implement for your website:

Include SEO into your content marketing strategy

When you consider SEO while developing your content strategy, you will be able to create content that is appropriate for internal linking. Think about the personas of your audience, their challenges, and the route they take to be converted to customers.

What is the view of your customers about their challenges and what are the possible solutions?

Which terms do they use to search for information on Google?

What is the intent behind the keywords, and in what format should you present your content?

Create content that meets the immediate needs of your audience and anticipate their questions as they move through the funnel. Then add internal links at strategic places in the content to capture their interest and answer the questions in their mind as they go through the content.

Make use of topic clusters and pillar pages

Topic clusters refer to related buckets of content that cover broad concepts. Each group of content has one pillar page as well as many supporting cluster pages.

Topic clusters are effective in internal linking strategy because they create hubs of relevant content.

Each pillar page creates an overview of a high-level topic and also introduces different subtopics.


Pillar pages redirect to more detailed blog posts about the subtopics using appropriate sub-headings. These blog posts are referred to as cluster pages. The cluster pages link back to the main pillar page.

Cluster pages also link to other cluster pages where appropriate, and also link to other pillar pages.

Topic clusters play a key role in demonstrating expertise and depth of topic coverage to Google. They also organize the content into subtopics which is what Google is interested in.

According to an announcement made by Google, they made a breakthrough in ranking that allows them to have a better understanding of the relevance of each passage from your web pages, and even index the passages separately.

Link out from authoritative web pages

Instead of making this process more difficult than it needs to be, you can easily assess the authority of your web pages through the strength of their backlink profile by using tools like Ahrefs or Moz.

You don’t need to use algorithms or sculpt PageRank. Just ensure that you add internal links to relevant pages that have lots of great backlinks. The higher the number of backlinks you have, the more links you will be able to add without affecting their value.

Include keywords in the anchor text

Some SEO experts advise that you are mindful of the way you use the exact match anchor text to avoid being penalized by Google.

I don’t agree with this recommendation.

There is nothing wrong with linking to your content from your domain using relevant, keyword-rich anchor text.

It is your website,

So you are free to do what you want. Just don’t stuff the anchor text with keywords unnaturally. Also, don’t overuse the keyword-rich anchor texts if you are building backlinks from other sites.

You have nothing to worry about provided your internal links and anchor text are intended to offer value to your users and are meaningful contextually.

The fact that Google says “Avoid using excessively keyword-filled or lengthy anchor text just for search engines” does not mean you shouldn’t use exact match keywords. It means you can use anchor texts like the ones below:

    • SEO strategy
    • How to build an SEO strategy
    • Create an SEO strategy that works
    • Develop an effective SEO strategy
    • 14pt;”>Search engine optimization


The statement also means you should anchor texts that look like this: “search engine optimization SEO strategy tactics.”


I believe you notice the difference. You cannot follow Google’s recommendations and use short anchor text without incorporating exact match keywords. If you include SEO strategy in the anchor text, and you have a web page with content about it, link to the page.

Mix up the anchor text

Anchor text is very important. Google uses anchor text to understand what you have on the other side of a link. It influences your ranking on Google search results, so you need to use it in a way that benefits you.

I believe that when you publish content,

You wants it to rank for other terms apart from the head term. You want the page to rank for tons of long-tail keywords that drive massive targeted traffic.

An effective strategy that you can use to influence your rankings for the search terms with lower volume is to include them in your internal links.

If a web page has lots of internal links with exact match anchor text, mix the anchor text up. Try and use broad match variations, especially if the variations portray the search intent of your main keyword.

Place more priority on relevance than location

Statements like “internal links above the fold or within the first paragraph are more valuable” are controversial because they go against Google’s opinion on relevance and user experience. Packing links unnaturally into your content as high as possible can harm usability and also affect trust.

This shows that Google cannot implement a ranking signal that is not user-friendly.

When placing links, think about who your users are. Add links to areas that are relevant and useful on your page.

You are free to pack your subheadings with relevant context about topics that relate to the links in your content.

Don’t forget that context is king. If there is a section on your page that talks about the role of backlinks, that is the most appropriate place to link to a blog post about backlinks.

But if you don’t have a page about that topic, you can still introduce something into the content as long as it is relevant to the link.

Include links from old content

Everyone talks about this but only a few implement it. The truth is the more content you create, the longer it will take you to go back and include internal links.

When you start to build a topic cluster, you may not have many opportunities to add internal links. But when you start creating massive long-form content, you need to add links from every related blog post on your website.

In a nutshell, when you focus on creating long-form content, you need to spend some hours per week to add relevant and useful internal links.

Fix broken internal links

14pt;”>Broken links are common in SEO. The number of broken links on your site is proportional to the size of your website.

It is important to fix broken links because they affect PageRank, disrupt the user experience, and harm the crawl budget.

You also need to fix redirects. If you redirect web pages to a new URL but the original anchor text is not updated, the links may end up sending different signals to Google about what the new page is about.

This may be scary if you have tons of pages on your website.


You have nothing to worry about. You are most likely to have just a few dozen custom-built internal links that point to those pages from your blog posts. Other links are likely to be navigational links so you have no business with them.

Dofollow links

If you have been in the business of content creation and content marketing for a while, then you must be familiar with PageRank sculpting. Back in those days, webmasters would nofollow internal links to stop PageRank from going to unwanted URLs.

This would direct the flow of links to important pages while also allowing links to be useful to users.

This is no longer the case.

Now, PageRank goes away through nofollow links. It does not go to the destination page, neither does it get distributed to the other links on the page. It simply ‘evaporates.’

In a nutshell,

You should dofollow internal links. An exception to this strategy is if you have millions of pages with low-value which you don’t want to be discovered by Google.

Don’t use automation

Tools that automate internal linking are not good for the following reasons:

  • Internal links generator tools add links without having an in-depth understanding of the pages that need the best links or the pages on your site that are most appropriate to link from.
  • Depending on how big your site is, plugins can easily create 1,000 exact match anchor text links within a short period; thereby leading to anchor text spam.
  • Internal links are not only meant for SEO but to also help users find relevant content on your website. Plugins or bots ignore this need.

Wrapping Up

Internal links are useful for SEO.

SEO goes beyond just optimizing title tags, including keywords, and building links. It entails giving your users the best experience, being found throughout their journey through the funnel, and ensuring Google and other search engines see the value you offer as much as your users do.

incorporating a strategic approach to internal linking that will help you achieve these goals and also increase efficiencies to yield the best results.

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Branded Searches: How to Optimize for Branded Searches

Ranking for competitive keywords and optimizing your web pages for conversions is the best way to increase your website traffic and boost sales.


There’s another thing that your website should be optimized for; something that many marketers ignore.

One of the most effective ways to have a high-converting sales funnel is to optimize your landing pages for branded searches. In this article, I will show you what branded search is, why it is important, and how you can optimize for branded searches to boost your rankings and revenue.

What is Branded Search?

Branded search is a form of query whereby someone types a search term containing the name of your brand or product.

In most situations,

Branded searches are used by people that are already familiar with your product. You have a high chance of converting people searching your product name into customers (unlike those that randomly stumbled on your brand).


Branded search is an important component of a sales funnel. About half of people often type ‘branded name reviews’ in Google before making a purchase.

Why Should You Run a Branded Search Campaign for Your Business?

Now that you know what branded search is;

Here are some of the reasons why you need to run branded search campaign:

It brings better traffic

The traffic that branded search gives to your website is usually more qualified than what other keywords give. In a nutshell,

Branded traffic goes further in the sales funnel and usually moves close to taking action.

It boosts conversions

People hardly convert the first time they land on a website.

The first time a visitor landed on your website may be via paid traffic and then returned to your website to find more information. The second visit is usually from users that are searching for your product and found your website organically.

It builds awareness

Branded search campaigns are useful for increasing brand awareness.

Whenever your brand ranks at the top of search results, your name will be seen by new audiences.

Ensure you manage the content that the search engines show because it is the first thing those searching for your brand will see.

It boosts brand reputation

You can use branded search campaigns to manage the content that search engines show in search results.

If you have a bad review that comes up first when users search for your company name, you can control the content in the search results by optimizing your website for branded search terms. This will reduce the effect of the negative review on your site and brand.

Unlike paid campaigns, branded search campaigns take time before producing results.


You can enjoy the benefits discussed above if you have a solid strategy and you are consistent. If you’re interested in boosting your site’s SEO, you can consider a branded search campaign.

Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page for Branded Search

Optimizing for branded searches may appear to be a daunting task.


Businesses that use branded searches have control over these queries.

As a result, there are steps that you need to take to get more traffic from branded searches. These steps are important elements of your search strategy.

Here are the steps you can take to optimize your website or landing page for branded searches:

Dominate results obtained from direct searches

One important thing that you must always know when you want to optimize for branded search is this: In most cases, branded search is driven by Research Online Purchase / Buy Offline or Online (ROPO / ROBO) behavior.

This means that the searchers already know your brand and they are ready to buy your product.

They are also ready to learn more about you online.

This should motivate you to pay attention to direct search results and the first impression they make when searchers look at them for the first time.

The first impression in this case matters a lot.

Thus, you need to carry out these exercises regularly:

Perform the direct search

The direct search may include your full business name, your business name and your name/ owner’s name, your business name and your business address, and lots more.

Go through the reviews and ratings

These are the rich snippets that searchers see immediately.

By evaluating these reviews, you will know if you should channel more effort towards a specific platform to improve your rating on the platform.

You will also know if you should push any of your listings (with better reputation) higher in search results.

More so,

You will know if you should verify your presence on new local platforms (especially platforms that rank for your competitor’s name).

You can get better rich snippets that are easier to control on smaller local directories like BizJournals,, and Dir Journal amongst others.

Check third-party assets

Third-party assets include your interviews, articles about you, standalone reviews, and lots more.

Checking these assets will help you know if you need to create more assets. If you need to create more third-party assets, you will also discover if you should publicize them.

Check visual search results (i.e. images and videos)

By evaluating your visual search results, you will be able to know if they are hurting your first impression and if you need to publicize more images.

Due to the ever-evolving nature of search results, you need to carry out the tasks above regularly. You also need to create and implement a new plan at least once a year.

Gather and organize your branded search terms

Many businesses, even big brands, usually miss this step.

Don’t forget that your most important branded search is not limited to your business name. There are lots of ways through which potential customers search for your brand online.


Here are some of the most important ways that you need to pay attention to:

  • ROPO searches (Your brand name + reviews)
  • High-intent searches (Your brand name + your product or feature)
  • Navigational searches (Your brand name + contact) or login
  • Competitive research (Your brand name vs. your competitor’s name)


Your target should be to rank as the first search result for all the search types above.

This will ensure that you don’t end up losing a customer to a competitor that is advising against your brand or suggesting a better alternative.


You need to think about the ‘blended’ search results that can distract users from your brand. These include:

  • Videos
  • Local pack
  • People Also Ask
  • Product results
  • Images
  • And lots more

Whenever these come up for your branded search, you need to include a different strategy to conquer them. For instance, ‘brand name vs. your competitor’s name’ needs an image.

Optimize for local three-pack

Local-three pack has altered the way local search optimization is done. It is confusing lots of local businesses and marketers because they don’t see much obvious logic behind it.

Businesses don’t see any official recommendations that can help them understand what can get them into the local three-pack.

Here are some things that you need to know about optimizing for local three-pack rankings:

  • Complete and verify your local listing (including newer sections such as Google Local Posts).
  • Work on your Google reviews. According to Bright Local, businesses that appear in the Google Local three-pack have about 47 reviews.
  • Ensure you mention the branded search queries on your landing page. This improves on-page SEO.
  • Keywords are also important here. Include keywords in your business description on Google local, business reviews, and on your page amongst others.
  • Use seasonal fluctuations to your advantage.

Wrapping Up

Branding is a powerful tool since it can help your website to gain engagement that will give you the results you need to boost conversions.

Branded search research is a valuable source of data online.


it is neglected by many businesses. It can help you know more about your niche, your competition, the product you sell, and problems with your website (and how you can fix them).

In a nutshell, here’s a summary of the actions that you need to take to optimize for branded searches:

  • Include your brand name in meta titles.
  • Identify the branded keywords consumers use to find your products or services.
  • Answer questions that your consumers ask.
  • Optimize your business to rank at the top of local map packs.
  • Create useful tools that are unique to your brand. These tools can help you generate leads and boost traffic.
  • Publish content on websites with high traffic, and
  • Promote your brand offline.

Apart from generating more traffic to your landing page, optimizing for branded search will also increase the trust customers have in your brand; thereby improving brand loyalty.

This comes with many benefits such as increased brand reputation and better conversions.

To optimize for branded searches and improve your search results, you need to constantly monitor and optimize your brand strategy.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Guest Posting

Here are some guests posting dos and don’ts that you need to consider if you want to generate leads for your business.

Guest posting is a proven means of reaching new prospects.

If you are good with your guest posting strategy, you can get these prospects back to your website and convert them to leads.

In this article, we will consider some of the dos and don’ts of getting your guest posts on websites to ensure that the posts generate lots of new leads for your business.

What are Guest Posts?

Guest posts (also referred to as guest posting)) involves publishing an article on another person’s website.

It is done to get more brand awareness and traffic (i.e. referral traffic).

Benefits of Guest Posting

If you use content marketing as one of your marketing strategies, a guest posting strategy can be essential in boosting your traffic and marketing ROI.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, guest posting is an important part of your funnel since it provides offsite professional content.

Guest posting plays a key role in building brand awareness since the content you publish on other websites helps new audiences to know about you. These new readers may decide to visit your website thereby attracting new subscribers and boosting your lead generation results.


Guest posting builds trust.

When you are trusted, authoritative websites will publish your content. Regular guest posting will help others perceive you as an expert; this is great for your brand’s reputation.

More so,

SEO is one of the key benefits of guest posting. One of the major SEO ranking factors that will improve your website’s ranking in organic search results is building links from high-quality websites.

You are not the only one that will gain from guest posting. The site that is hosting your content will also gain. Guest posting helps website owners to overcome the challenge of content marketing by helping them to meet their content needs.

Why Guest Posting is Not Dead

Everyone benefits from high-quality content.

Businesses need it to survive.

As a business owner, your goal should be to keep your readers engaged, willing to return to read your next post, and eager to share your content with their audience.

This means you may need to go beyond your pool of knowledge and bring in experts that can write about your niche. When done right, guest posting is another means of generating positive PR for your brand, coupled with the extra benefit of generating a link back to it.

The Dos of Guest Posting

When deciding to write a guest post, the first thing you need to do is to consider the website you want to publish the post on. Many factors make a blog ideal for the type of content you want to publish.

Listed below are some of the dos of guest posting:

DO read some posts from the blog before you send yours

You have the best chance of having your guest post published if it looks like what the site accepts.

Some of the things you need to pay attention to include the word count, the reading level of the audience (i.e. beginner versus advanced), and the voice of the content (serious, snarky, jovial, etc.).

If there are guest posting guidelines on the website, ensure you read them.

DO build a relationship before writing

Although this is not strictly necessary.

However, if you want to guest post on a more exclusive blog, you will have a higher chance if the editors are already familiar with you. You can establish a relationship by commenting on the blog, engaging with editors on Twitter, and linking to the blog from yours.

DO pay attention to the ranking factors

Ensure you consider the ranking factors when you are looking for a platform to publish your guest post on. The two things you need to pay attention to are the Domain Rating and Domain Authority. If both have high scores, it implies that the website should be considered for guest posting.

DO create quality content

Irrespective of the type of content that you create for your guest post (text, video, or audio), ensure you do a good job. Ensure your guest post is amazing and valuable.

Don’t forget that the aim is to provide valuable information to the site hosting your content and to your blog.

The quality of your guest post will influence the amount and quality of traffic that will be redirected to your blog or website.

DO write a captivating title that suits the content

There are some instances where we get guest posts that do not match what the title promised.

For instance,

don’t submit a post titled “How Much Time Should You Dedicate to Keyword Research?” and then create content that talks about how to do keyword research. A strong title that portrays what a blog post offers, coupled with some subheadings that are strategically placed, can make a post give better results even without altering the content.

DO send image(s) with your guest post

Depending on the type of guest post that you want to publish, try and include one or two images in your content. For instance, if you are reviewing software, include a screenshot of the software.

If the guest post is about a case study, ensure you include a graph or table to make your data more cogent.

DO send guest posts to blogs that focus on areas you’re knowledgeable in

Editors can easily know if a post is hastily researched.

If you don’t have much expertise in a topic that the blog you want to publish covers, you may end up writing content that already exists.

If you are trying to build links, ensure the links are relevant.

For instance,

if you are a commercial real estate agent and you want to send your guest post to a digital marketing blog, you can write about how commercial real estate agents generate leads.

DO proofread your content

Don’t make the mistake of submitting a guest post without proofreading it diligently.

You don’t need to be a professional editor to get this done.

All you need to do is to take the time to read and re-read the post to ensure that it is error-free and has no dead links.

When you submit poorly written content, such content is likely to be rejected by the host blog. A good practice that will help with proofreading is to read your content out loud. With this, you will hear how what you wrote sounds more clearly and will be able to spot mistakes in the flow.


The Don’ts of Guest Posting

Unlike the do’s, the don’ts of guest posting are fewer.


They can hinder you from getting the required results from your content marketing. So it is advisable to pay attention to them and avoid them in your guest posts.

DON’T spam

Irrespective of its form, people hate spam. You will lose your credibility and authority with readers within the blink of an eye if you stuff your post with links to your blog.

Ensure you only link to your blog wherever necessary and ensure you do it naturally. This won’t usually be in the body of the content but the author’s bio.

DON’T submit the same guest post to different blogs

You may be tempted to make some simple changes in your post (such as changing the post’s title or slightly changing a few words). This can affect the quality of the content.

Your host deserves something better and your blog’s reputation depends on the uniqueness of content you share on different blogs. Focus on creating unique content.

DON’T stuff links in your post

If your introductory paragraph has like four backs back to your blog, your post may be rejected.

Don’t portray your editor as being cheap and used with your post. Only link back to your blog in an area that is relevant to the topic.

Whatever you want to link to should govern what you want to write about. Links from a single web page often reach a point of diminishing returns. So only use links when necessary.

Otherwise, save the links for your bio.

Wrapping Up

Guest blogging is an effective form of PR.

In this case, you are using a blog instead of newspapers or magazines. Also, you are working with bloggers and webmasters instead of journalists and authors.

But the strategies are the same.

You must always strive to create excellent content that will engage your audience and drive them to take action.

Getting a link from the hosting site should not be the main reason for guest posting.

Focus more on providing value.

Pay attention to the guest posting do’s and don’ts discussed in this article.

By considering them when creating content for your guest post, you will become an expert and will also have a higher chance of your post being accepted by other sites.


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How to Boost SEO by Updating Old Blog Posts

Do you want to boost your rankings in organic search results?

The strategy in this article will help you increase your rankings without any stress.

You can’t publish new content every time. So the best way to offer your site visitors fresh content and keep them engaged is to regularly update your old posts.

According to a study published on HubSpot, updating old blog posts played a key role in increasing the monthly views via organic search.

Another article on Search Engine Journal also confirmed that an updated content can yield better search rankings, more traffic, increased social shares, more links, and new clients.

This is why one of the major priorities of B2C content creators is to update their old content.


What most people do is update the date on an old article to a new date.

You need to do more than this if you want to get the maximum benefits of updating old posts (i.e. better organic traffic, ranking, engagement, and conversion).

Should You Improve or Remove Old Content?

If you prefer revising your content to creating a new one, then you might be wondering; should you improve or remove the old post?

You may need to remove your content when the link-building efforts on a particular page are yielding poor results and the content cannot be salvaged. Removal may also be an ideal option if no keyword relates to the topic. While doing these, don’t forget the purpose of a page.

The removal of content from your website should be as a result of any of the following reasons:

On the other hand, you may need to improve content when you can benefit from revising it rather than removing it.

How Can Removing Old Content Help Your Website?

In the SEO industry, getting rid of the old content is also referred to as ‘content pruning.’ Pruning may appear destructive but if you do it properly, it can enhance your rankings and improve your website’s SEO.

Content pruning plays a key role in:

  • Improving user experience
  • Making good use of the time and resources spent on making search engines crawl your site

Here are the different reasons why you need to remove old posts from your site:

Reduce the occurrence of the same keyword phrase on multiple web pages

Also known as keyword cannibalization, the presence of the same keyword phrase on different pages hurts ranking. When you use the same keyword phrase many times, you are simply competing with yourself.

This lowers your authority.

Also, in 2019, Google announced that its algorithm will get rid of multiple listings from a single domain to enhance site diversity.

If you want to publish new content, ensure you don’t have an article that is targeting the same keywords you intend to use.

Remove the page if you do.

Get rid of irrelevant pages

Irrelevant web pages offer no value and they serve no purpose to the search engine crawlers or readers.


They waste crawler time on pages that offer little to no keyword value or traffic conversion.

If you keep wasting crawl budget on your site, search engines will be discouraged from revisiting your site and indexing your content.

For instance, if there is a product page for items that you’re no longer selling, you need to remove such a page. You should also remove headers or sections that are not relevant to the content on your web pages.

Remove web pages with low quality

Just like irrelevant pages, low-quality web pages serve no purpose on a site.

These pages do not rank for meaningful keywords, they draw little to no traffic, and they do not play any role in link-building.

All the pages on your site don’t need to offer SEO value.


You should keep content that does well on social media, updates loyal customers, or attracts targeted traffic. Ensure you have a good reason behind each of the pages on your website. If there’s no good reason for having a particular page, then remove such a page.

How Can Improving Old Content Help Your Website?

There are different reasons why you need to improve the old content on your site. These benefits are usually centered on creating a better user experience and promoting the use of better SEO strategies.

Here are the benefits you stand to gain from updating old blog posts:

Correct grammar and spelling errors

Although grammar and spelling do not have a direct effect on Google rankings, error-free content creates a great user experience.

Having many misspelled words in your content can create a negative user experience; this can end up hurting your rankings.

When you go through your old posts, you will be able to detect these mistakes and correct them.

Revising your content can also make the content clearer and more concise.

Go through your content to find content that is too long and shorten them.


Get rid of broken links

A useful resource that you linked to when you published your content years ago may no longer exist; leading to a broken link. Apart from hurting your rankings, this can also reduce user experience.

Your readers will not want to find a broken link when all they expect is a valuable resource.

The good news is that it is not hard to fix broken links.

You can carry out an in-depth SEO audit of your website to detect issues with links and other issues that you may need to pay attention to while refreshing your content.

Link to newer resources

You need data to support the claims you make in your content.


Data can quickly get outdated.

For instance, if you published an article in 2017 and you cited a resource from 2014, chances are you can find newer and better resources. The old resources could be reporting information that has been proven to be false.

Mark up any piece of content that requires citation as a page that you will need to revise in the future.

Your content needs to meet up with the ever-evolving research.

Improve internal links

Apart from including new resources, you should also improve your internal links.

Think about the content you have created.

Use your top-performing content to highlight the new pages. Don’t this will help in reinforcing your link-building strategy and also increase the traffic you attract from search engines.

Optimize for the right keywords

The behavior of searchers changes with time.

What you believed to be a valuable keyword six years ago may no longer be today.

This implies that keyword research that was done in the past (in most cases) does not present the best opportunities for searchers. Improving your old content helps you to re-evaluate your keyword research strategy and also optimize for the current keywords that take into consideration the intent of the searchers searching for such keywords.

Boost your click-through rate

The top-ranking results usually contain content published in the last few years, depending on how urgent the query is. With time,

Information becomes more accessible and people are more likely to go for recently published articles.

This still emphasizes the importance of content freshness.

For websites that have been around for a long period, they need to be revised to improve the click-through rate. Changing the date is not the only thing you need to do.

You can also update the title tag and meta description.

To have a compelling meta description, ensure you write something that addresses the main point and also promises that the page has detailed and valuable content.

Add rich media

Using different types of media improves the SEO of a site.

Images, videos, and other forms of media attract more links than web pages that do not have them.

When your page attracts links, then search engines will see your site as being valuable and trustworthy.

As a result, your site will be favored in search rankings.

Make the content mobile-friendly

Your old blog posts may not be mobile-friendly.


You need to revise your posts to ensure that they are optimized for mobile devices; this will go a long way in expanding your audience. You can do this by changing your page design.

Wrapping Up

If you want to improve your website’s SEO, then you need to consider updating your old blog posts.

Don’t see updating old posts as an opportunity to paste newer date on it.


Follow the strategies discussed in this article to update it so that you and your audience can get more value. This is a great way to boost the traffic your site attracts from search engines.

It will also improve your content’s rankings in search results.

If you want to start, then create new content in addition to the old articles on your site. Include new and more valuable resources, fix broken links on your site, and include graphics and other multimedia.

Also, improve your content’s accuracy and ensure the content is relevant and meets up with the latest trend.

Once you have improved your content, make it meet the latest requirements of Google’s algorithm.

More so, repurpose your post to different forms of media to expand its reach. You should also consider changing the keywords that your posts were optimized for.

Once you do these, then share the content.

Promote the content the same way you did when you published it for the first time. This helps you show new value to your readers.

By carrying out these updates on your content, your website and content will be able to enjoy better search engine rankings.

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Niche Edits Link Building Buyer Guide: [Results Driven Process]

Having a website or platform that both looks and feels good for visitors to your page is very important,

One thing that many site owners often overlook is their pages’ search engine optimization.


Without good SEO on your page

Even the fanciest and the-nicest looking webpage will not get the traffic that it deserves.

Among the many different methods that you can improve your pages’ SEO.

We have Niche Edit Links.

Niche edits differ from other forms of SEO because they focus more on link building and editing pre-existing posts, and serve as a quick and easy way to boost your page’s SEO by tapping into previously created content.

Throughout this article,

We will be covering some of the most important things that you should be on the lookout for when searching for the perfect SEO partner for your webpage or business.

What Are SEO Services?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is simply the optimization of your site or webpage so that it becomes more visible in the search engines when relevant terms are searched for.

The more visible your page is in the search results the higher the chance that your page gets viewed and accessed by those using the search engines.

Having good SEO for your webpage opens up tons of opportunities and is a great way to boost your business by strengthening your standing with pre-existing customers and visitors as well as bring in new visitors.

SEO services, such as 1stpageKWs, make it their duty to assist you in improving the search engine optimization and rankings of your site.

These types of SEO services offer you many different forms of help to improve your SEO rankings.

Common SEO services include onsite and technical SEO, keyword research and analysis, content creation and optimization, and internal and external link building.

1stpageKWs is highly specialized in providing you with SEO services such as keyword research and analysis, but they are also great at building links for your site.

Niche edits fall under the umbrella of internal and external link building, making them a very effective means for improving your site’s SEO.


We will be covering what niche edits entail and what you should be looking out for when hiring a company to improve your page’s SEO using niche edits

What are Niche Edits?

Niche edits are one of the easiest and most effective means for improving the SEO of your site.

They are very simple and can be added to content that you have already created, making niche edits very accessible and attractive for many site owners.

In essence,

A niche edit refers to one of many link-building methods which takes an existing piece of content, be it a blog post, article, or a page on a website, and then adds in a contextual link to the said content.

While it is not a very new form of link building it is one of the more popular ones.

It is also a great option for many site owners as it is not a particularly dangerous tactic for building links.

Because links are such a huge factor in determining where your webpage sits in the search rankings, placing yourself ahead of the competition in a safe and easy way is a very attractive option. 

You can legitimately earn niche edits to get ahead and improve your site’s SEO.

While most niche edits are manual,

…not all of them are.

Some can even be unsafe for your website, so you will want to steer clear of those. 

We will go over some of the various forms of niche edits and what you need to look out for when building links using this method.

How Do Niche Edit Links Work?

As stated previously, 

A link is placed into previously created content that is already established in the search engine rankings.

Having your link present in content that has already built up some tenure within the search rankings means that you have a much higher chance of getting your link seen and visited when compared to new content that needs to fight for its rank in the search engines. 

What to Think About When Using Niche Edits

When you decide to use niche edits on your site there are a few things that you want to take into account.

You do not want to just throw in some random links that are totally unrelated to the content that you will be inserting your niche edit link into,

and you also want to make sure that what you are linking to is relevant to your page on the whole.

Every website needs its own custom solution,

Since using the wrong type of SEO or simply building bad links can do more harm than good to your webpage.

By tailoring your niche edits or other forms of SEO solutions particularly for your website you will have a much higher chance of success. 

Here are just a few of the most important things that you should be taking into account when thinking about using niche edits to increase your site’s search rankings:

  • The overall premise of your website 
  • Your site’s competition
  • The industry and niche your site sit within
  • Your various goals and objectives for your website
  • The products or services that you offer
  • Your brand’s history regarding SEO
  • The position of your brand or site in the marketplace
  • Your marketing efforts aside from SEO
  • Other reasons for why your page or business is unique

It is important that you take all of these things into account when deciding on using niche edits, or any other form of SEO for that matter, to increase the search rankings of your webpage. 

Why Should You Use Niche Edits?

Using niche edits gives you a few marked advantages over other forms of link building, and maybe the perfect method for building links and improving your site’s search rankings.

While guest posts are tailored more towards creating new content featuring a link back to your website that then gets posted onto a third-party site, niche edits are links that are added onto pre-existing posts or pages.

With niche edits,

You get a backlink on a post that already has some age and, in turn, authority.

This gives your link more credibility and encourages people to check it out. 

This is because posts that have been on the web for a good duration of time are more likely to already have established other inbound links, gained search engine traffic, and started ranking for specific keywords.

You can think of niche edits as a sort of “head start” when trying to build links. 

You can get backlinks to your webpage or content and, in turn, increase your search engine rankings all without needing to create new content that needs to establish itself amidst the mass of other search results.

Questions to Ask When Searching for a Niche Edits Partner 

When you are in the market for a partner to assist you with getting your niche edits there are some vital questions that you should ask. 

By asking these questions during an interview or call with your potential partner

You can boil down the competition and find the perfect partner for assisting in boosting your page’s SEO.

Following are just a handful of some essential questions that you should keep in the back of your mind when trying to find a potential SEO partner to handle your page’s niche edits.

Procedure and Implementation 

Principles and Philosophy 

  • Do you follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?
  • Why should I trust your team?
  • What would the timeline look like for my website?
  • What are the results you expect to see?

Coverage and Documentation

  • What tools does your company use?
  • What platforms do you use?
  • What are the metrics or KPIs that you track and report on?
  • How frequently will you update me regarding my campaign?
  • How many backlinks can I expect in a month?
  • Who can I contact throughout the campaign and may I meet them beforehand?


  • How long do your contracts last?
  • What is your team’s onboarding process like?
  • What happens if you do not meet our agreed-upon quota?


  • How long has your company been in the business?
  • Who do you usually serve?
  • Are you familiar with my industry or niche?
  • Can I have some referrals from past or current clients?
  • Have clients ever been punished or demoted due to your actions?
  • Can I see some examples of your work?

If you want to find the very best SEO partner for your website or business then asking these questions is a great way to weed out the good from the not-so-good.


These are just a few of the key questions that you should keep in mind when searching for a partner to assist with your page’s SEO. 

There are many more questions that you may think of that can help your prospective partner get a better idea about what your site entails and whether or not they can provide you with the proper services.

Red Flags to Look Out For ; 

When hiring a company to assist you with your page’s SEO there are a few red flags to keep an eye out for.

While asking questions during exploratory calls or emails is a great way to get a feel for what the company can provide you with, you also want to take a look and see whether their words match up with their actions.

If you notice any of these red flags then the best thing that you can do is drop all correspondence with the company and walk away immediately.

Don’t waste your time with bogus SEO companies that may end up hurting your site more than helping it.

Lack of Transparency

  • A lack of transparency is a dead-giveaway for sketchy business practices. Steer clear of SEO partners that refuse to be up-front with you and provide you with the information that you need.

Lack of Communication and Slow Responses

  • Keeping communication consistent and open at all times is one of the pillars of building a successful SEO partnership. Much like refusing to be transparent, failure to communicate properly can lead to problems that you don’t need to burden yourself with.

Promising Thousands of Links within a Short Period

  • While it may sound like a very good thing, search engines will see a large influx of links to your site as being automated and can lead to your site suffering in the search rankings rather than benefiting. A good SEO partner will take the tie to build links with real humans.

There is No Relevant Real-World Information on Your SEO Partner’s Site

  • Noticing that there are no phone numbers, emails, or most importantly addresses for your SEO partner is a big red flag. While there are lots of SEO teams that use remote services and work online, it is still concerning to not even find a mailing address for the company you are working with.

Your SEO Partner is not Even Indexed on Google

  • This is just a downright shameful red flag. Search for the company’s brand name on Google and see if any results pop up. If the company you are thinking of working with does not even have their own webpage indexed on Google then it’s best to cut all ties and step away.

Lack of Case Studies 

  • If the website of your SEO partner does not have any proof of work or case studies readily available on their website showing that they can attain the results they set forth then it’s probably time to search for a different partner.

If you ever spot any of these red flags when trying to find a potential SEO partner then it’s best that you move on and try to find a different company. Finding a trustworthy and experienced SEO partner is key in improving your site’s search engine optimization, and getting even a whiff of some of these red flags is a sign that you need to look elsewhere for assistance.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The answer is not so cut and dry.

Since the pricing and cost of an SEO campaign vary from case to case.


You can contract out the work to various SEO companies so that they will work on your campaign for a set amount of time, aiming to fulfill goals and quotas throughout that period.

Another popular method for improving your search rankings is paying for SEO services by the hour.

According to Ahrefs – The average range for SEO services that are paid for on an hourly rate sits right around $100-$150 per hour.

There are upsides as well as downsides to paying by the hour to boost your page’s search rankings. The pros include getting a guaranteed amount of time spent on your campaign and also have manageable costs that you can predict in the short term.

The downsides include agencies not having any incentive to do a stellar job since most will only aim to get the job done and move on (due to this method being more time-oriented rather than goal-oriented).

 You may also have a hard time finding agencies able to fulfill your campaign within your given time period.

Paying monthly or yearly is also an option.

Ahrefs states that,

On average,

The monthly rate for SEO services runs at around $5,000.

This is a great option if you are looking for flexibility and aim on getting long-term results that will scale with your project as it grows.

You can also choose to simply boost a singular project. 

Rates for paying for SEO on a per-project basis ranges from around $500-$1,000.

Paying for SEO for a project lets you boost only the project you want, and gives you the option of not paying if the work is not completed or delivered.

Of course, 

This method is a bit pricier due to SEO agencies needing to take into account other variables in order to offer you a quality service. 

Thankfully there are many different pricing models when looking for SEO options.

This means that you can find an option that fits your scope and budget and allows you to still reap the benefits of good SEO no matter what.

Choosing the Right SEO Company

Taking into account everything previously mentioned you should be ready to find an SEO company that is ready and willing to provide you with quality niche edits and assist in link building. 

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Because of this,

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