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Where To Find Competitors In SEMrush? [ANSWERED]

The companies that keep an eye on their competitor’s businesses are more likely to grow drastically than those who don’t. They reach incredible heights of success in a little time frame. 


Why is it so? 

Why competitive analysis plays such a significant role in any business, and where to find your rivals? All the questions must have hopped in your mind by now. 

Importance of knowing your competitors

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It enables you to understand your market and business from the outside, which helps you comprehend the competitive advantages and disadvantages of your business. 

It also gives you an idea of the competitor’s current and future goals.

This is the principal reason knowing your competitors has earned so much prominence in today’s online world. 

However, the main question is where to find your competitors?

Where to find competitors?

In today’s business world,

Where thousands of businesses are already established in the market, and hundreds of them are trying to get incorporated every day, it becomes challenging to locate specific competitors for your business.

 This is where tools like SEMrush comes to your rescue. 

SEMrush provides you with excellent tools that you can use to discover your rivals effortlessly. So let us find out some of the ways through which SEMrush enables us to find competitors.

Position Tracking

For a set of target keywords,

It is always a good idea to check where you or your competitors stand in the search rankings. This helps you capture the success pointers of the businesses who top the ranking list to improve your own company.

You can track the status of the top 20 competitors’ positions on a search ranking list for a specific set of the target keyword. 


  • data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Create a project for your domain in SEMrush.
  • Now, in that project section, you will see the option of position tracking on the navigation bar. Click on it.
  • Enter your targeted keywords and locations.
  • Head to the competitor’s discovery tab, and you will see the list of top 20 competitors. 

Organic Competitor’s Report

We all know that landing on a search engine results page organically drives more website traffic. So it becomes essential to scrutinize the websites competing with you on organic search results. 


  • On your dashboard, there is a navigation bar on the left.
  • Scroll down to Domain Analytics.
  • Now, click on the organic research option.
  • Enter your domain name in the search bar. The organic research page will pop up.
  • Next, go to the competitor’s tab, and you will see a list of competitors.

PLA Research Tool

PLA stands for product listing ads.

They generally rank at the top of SERPs and displays more detailed ads than the text ads. Whenever a search query is raised, the PLAs get placed on different positions on the results page. SEMrush presents this tool to understand the positions of you and your competitor’s website on the SERPs. 


  • Head to the Domain analytics option on the navigation bar. 
  • Click on the PLA research tool.
  • Now, go to the competitor’s tab, and analyze the list of PLAs who are your competitors. 

Market Explorer

Market Explorer is a tool that provides you an overview and metrics about how your competitors are performing in the industry.

You can see the traffic size of your competitors, and also the traffic trend.

This tool is fantastic, as it provides information about the number of customer’s visits to your site or their age and gender. 


  • Go to the Marketing Insights option displayed on the navigation bar.
  • Click on the Market Explorer tool.
  • Enter your domain in the search box.
  • Move down to the market relevant sites option available at the end of the page. 


It is always important to be one step ahead of your competitors in any field of life.

This is possible only when you have a clear idea about the plans and strategies of your rivals.

Therefore, to expand your business, it becomes necessary to keep watch on your competitors’ activities. 

We hope this guide gave you an insight into the tools of the SEMrush to help you with your competitive analysis. 

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