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How Local Businesses Can Build Quality Backlinks via Guest Posts [The PROCESS]

One of the most challenging components of SEO is link building. To rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You must first obtain quality links from reputable websites, as inbound links are a major ranking component.

Your SEO campaign's success hinges on link building.

It is difficult to obtain relevant backlinks. Creating useful content for your website facilitates the acquisition of high-quality links.

Backlinks are an important aspect of Google's and other search engines' algorithms for ranking. Although the way they measure links has evolved, their relevance has not.

Backlinks are an endorsement of your website from other websites.

The favorable attention that your content receives if it is topically relevant and entertaining will always benefit you. People will connect to your work or share it online if it is beneficial.

In this article,

We will discuss how local businesses can get quality backlinks using guest posts.

Why Do Local Businesses Need Guest Posting?

Increased website visibility

Guest blogging strengthens your SEO strategy in addition to increasing your influence and authority. Because of the authority links it generates, 1stpage Agency experts recommend this method.

Quality backlinks from authoritative blogs provide you with link juice, which translates to a higher-ranking website.

A good search ranking is also important because it makes your website visible to potential buyers.

People are more likely to click on top-ranked sites, increasing traffic and conversion opportunities for your company.

Connection with important individuals

It's not only about broadening your reach on the Internet when it comes to online marketing. It's all about connecting with the right individuals.

These are the people who are most likely to buy your product.

Because the followers of the same-niche blogger are likely to be interested in your service, guest posting allows you to connect directly with qualified leads. Guest posting emerges as a significant opportunity for local businesses when these facts and benefits are considered.

It's an important approach to implement because it can help you grow.

Increases Brand’s influence

Another reason to embrace guest blogging is that it allows you to leverage your content to create impact. Providing excellent material is just as important as reaching out to bloggers because it is this that motivates them to promote you.

Your experience and expertise impact the local audience, which reads good content (even on the influencer's site).

This strengthens your market position and your company's basis.

Networking with other local companies

Guest blogging allows your company to network with other local businesses as well as interact with local buyers.

There's a good chance you'll be given the option to form lucrative business connections that can help you expand. Even multinational corporations seek to work with the greatest local firms.

As a result,

The exposure you gain by guest posting might be extremely beneficial to you.

It boosts brand’s authority

You may increase your authority by using guest posting as part of your marketing mix.

And because you only have a tiny area to cover and a small number of people to impress,

this is quite simple.


Being a municipal government allows you to compete with larger corporations.

Local buyers are more inclined to buy from you than from worldwide companies if you become a trusted name in your community.

The answer is simple: you are dependable and close by!

Steps for Building Backlinks with Guest Posts

Search for websites to contribute to

You must first locate a website that accepts guest authors and is actively seeking content before you write a guest blog post.

Aside from that,

Make sure that posting on the site will assist you in achieving your objectives.

There are several methods for locating websites that welcome guest posts.

You can use Google, for example, to identify sites that accept guest posts on the themes you wish to write about. Here are a few examples of search terms:

  • [topic keyword phrase] + “become a contributor”
  • [topic keyword phrase] + “write for us”
  • [topic keyword phrase] + “guest article”

Build a relationship with the website owner

You'll need to build a relationship with site owners before approaching them to recommend a guest article.

Follow them on Twitter where a lot of people share their content or subscribe to their site on Feedly, where you'll be notified anytime new content is published.

Come up with a winning topic

It's time to come up with a pitch topic when you've got a thorough idea of your target site and what matters to the owner.

You should already be aware of the site's current popularity. Consider how you can improve the situation by:

  • Taking action in response to what's on the website
  • Adding to a popular topic with extra information
  • Creating something new on a topic that is likely to appeal to the audience

Pitch your idea

Avoid using generic guest posting proposals if you want your guest blogging approach to be successful.

With very little effort, if you've done your investigation as we advised before, you'll be able to develop a compelling pitch that's tailored to each site owner.

Pay attention to the following while pitching your idea:

  • Keep your pitch brief and concise.
  • Refer to them by given name
  • Add the title of the post (preferably in the email subject and within the body of the email)
  • Give a brief description of the position;
  • Demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

Write outstanding content

The next step is to compose your guest article if your pitch is accepted. You want to make it better than your best, especially if this is your first time writing for a website.

To write outstanding content, you must consider the following:

  • Write a Catchy Title
  • Carry out keyword research
  • Link appropriately
  • Use images, and
  • Properly format your post

1stpage Agency’s Approach to Guest Posting;

To produce a well-balanced natural backlink profile, 1stpage Agency plans your link-building activities to align with a solid content marketing strategy.

This assures you that you'll be okay even if the algorithm changes.

1stpage Agency uses a 2-phase outreach methodology (referred to as 2-phase guest posting) to acquire top-quality and relevant links.

The phases include:

Phase 1

In this phase, the agency will create and publish your first guest post on a reputable website.

Phase 2

1stpage Agency will then locate a thematically related and existing article on the website, and then have our partners create an internal linking to the freshly published guest post from phase 1.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing guest posting needs to 1stpage Agency is a smart move for local businesses that want to leverage the agency’s 2-phase guest posting technique to build high-quality links in their niches.

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