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How To Find Low Quality Links With Ahrefs [ANSWERED]

Are you worried about low-quality backlinks linking back to your websites?

This is a complete guide that will help you in finding the Low-quality links with the help of Ahrefs. 

Going through billions and trillions of websites is an impossible task. But through Ahrefs, you can yield simplified yet detailed information in an interesting way aiming to your understanding and productivity.

How to Find Low-Quality Links With Ahrefs

Keyword research with ahrefs audit-

You can use web explorer from Ahrefs to:

Phase 1: Add a domain to the dashboard at Ahrefs

The first move will be to add the domain to your dashboard at Ahrefs. With this, you will be able to create as well as manage a file with the help of the tool. You can also disavow it from there itself.

Phase 2: Enter your domain in Ahrefs Web Explorer, and then perform the report “Referring Domains.” 

Go to Site Explorer > Type your domain > Hit Explore > Backlink profile > Referring domains.

Phase 3: Browse through the documentation and search for connexions of poor quality

You must steer clear of the following things:

  • Links from places that are not known by you
  • Sites with suspicious/spam domains
  • Links that generally lower than DR < 2
  • Links from pages in foreign languages
  • 14pt;”>Spam anchor text links

If you see a questionable domain, for more information, select the number which shows under the ‘backlinks’ tab.

Phase 4: Check any dubious links manually

  • If a link appears questionable, to manually check it, click on the link tab.
  • There might be poor quality of links as well.

Phase 5: Add domains of poor quality to disavow the file

Select the checkbox which is alongside the domains that you choose to disavow > select ‘Disavow Domains at the top of the report.’ 

Phase 6: Build a file that disavows

After all the domains that you want to disavow have been added, go back to your Ahrefs dashboard and press “Disavow links” which will be above your domain.

The domains that you added earlier will be mentioned in the article. To begin building your disavow file, click on export.

Check the box to save the .txt (text) disavow package.

You will now have a disavow file correctly formatted, ready for Google upload.


You will have to put an effort to delete any low-quality connexions by getting in touch with the sites before uploading a disavow request to Google. Otherwise, you will disavow the link/domain if your removal request is unsuccessful.

Phase 7: Upload your file to Google to disavow

To upload the disavow file to Google, the first login to your domain-related Google account (in the Search Console).

  • Then go to the disavow tool, pick your domain, and press “Disavow Links.”
  • Click Pick File and upload the disavow file to your Google account. 

Quick takeaway

The guide to looking for low-quality can be simplified in the following steps:

Step 1: Add the domain to your Ahrefs dashboard.

Step 2: Enter your domain into Ahrefs Site Explorer, then run the “Referring Domains” report.

Step 3: Scroll through the report and look for low-quality links

Step 4: Manually review any suspicious links.

Step 5: Add low-quality domains to disavow file

To conclude, an important aspect of modern SEO is to constantly track your connexion profile and search for low-quality / suspicious connexions. 

Even if you’re positive you haven’t designed all of them yourself, there’s nothing to stop a rival from paying a shady firm to mount a negative SEO attack on your web.

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