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Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research – Best Way in 2021

tips conducting affiliate researchAffiliate marketing is one of the most accessible types of internet marketing available.

Nevertheless, accessible does not mean easy.

Most affiliate programs will accept new publishers who have the most basic of websites. Even though it has become a little more difficult due to ‘thin content' acquisitions for aspiring marketers, it's still easy to get an affiliate account with Amazon.

Amazon Associates was one of the first online affiliate programs to hit the world wide web back in 1996, which means you would be hard-pressed to find an internet marketer who has not heard of it.

What does this mean?

It means competition. Long gone are the days of writing about whatever you fancied and hoping it would rank. The big dogs of the internet will nine times out of ten be able to outrank your content for keywords like ‘best 4k tv'.

All hope is not lost, though.

For affiliate marketing, you should work smarter, not harder. Stop putting your life and soul into these 150k searches per month keywords, which sites like PCgamer and Tech Advisor are ranking for, and start focusing on practical, lower search terms.

The best Amazon affiliate keywords to focus on are those with buying intent.

If someone is searching for ‘best vacuum for a small apartment', they are already in buying mode and want an answer fast.

You won't need to convince them to buy a vacuum, as they are already that way inclined. All you need to do is present them with the information they want, including outbound links to Amazon, in the easiest way possible.

How to find the Perfect Amazon Keywords

The process of finding these ‘golden nugget' keywords is this:

  1. Generate a seed keyword.
  2. Filter the keywords that have buying intent from your seed keyword.
  3. Determine the competition levels of filtered keywords.

Doing a Competitor Analysis

If you want to outrank your competitor, you must focus on doing a complete analysis of the kind of keywords they are ranking for. It isn’t going to be as easy as you think. You must take the time out to audit your competitors keywords.

Once you have that under control, you could make use of free keyword research tools – That's if you're on low budget.

Tools like UberSuggest can help you get a very good idea about the kind of keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Insert their website in the provided box, For the purpose, We will be using English/Us. 


Hit the search button and you should be prompted with keywords your competitor is ranking for.It does become a lot easier for you to gauge the kind of keywords that you can also target your audience with.

Mind you, the process is quite lengthy and very inclusive of the kind of rigorous research that you put into it. This itself is often the deal-breaker and gets the majority of your work done without any issues further.

Choosing a Seed Keyword

For this example, let's say we are in the Home & Garden niche.

Navigate to that category on Amazon and have a browse of their subcategories.

We are looking for a product type to choose, rather than focusing on the subcategory.

We select the Bath category and notice that there seem to be quite a few digital bathroom scales on the first page, which would indicate their popularity. There are also lots of positive reviews, which is another good sign.

Therefore our seed keyword will be digital bathroom scales.

Once you have selected the seed keyword, the next thing you need to do is check for its popularity and credibility. You can put in any keyword and you will likely find the keywords with a lot of search volume. That is not your target. With the seed keyword, you need to settle on one which has a very high search volume and at the same time, has a very low competition as well.

What this does is ensure to make the process of ranking the keyword very easy for you. When the competition is low, chances are that the CPC of the keyword will be higher too

Finding Keywords with Buying Intent

As we explained previously, we aren't looking to try and rank for generic keywords. Digital bathroom scales on Google will be full of large authoritative websites, with little chance for you to compete. Not only that but as the keyword is not buyer-focused, you will receive a lot of browsing traffic even if you do rank well for it.

Plug your chosen seed keyword into your favourite keyword research tool and look for keyword variations like:

  • Best digital bathroom scales
  • Best digital scales for large bathroom
  • Digital bathroom scale reviews
  • Digital bathroom scales under $50
  • Most accurate digital bathroom scale

The traffic you will receive from ranking for these terms will be hyper-targeted with strong buying intent.

Checking the Competition for your Keywords

Knowing how competitive a keyword is can take months, or even years of practice, but there are a few tricks to help you out if you're new.

The easiest way is to see if another generic affiliate website is ranking in the top ten. While you may think this is counterproductive, it tells us that Google is happy to rank sites like yours for the keyword.

What I would avoid though, is if the first page is dominated by e-commerce sites, including Google's personalized ads, as well as massive authority affiliate sites.

If you see domains like ‘www.bestdigitalbathroomscales.com‘ in the SERPS and it doesn't have a ridiculously high DA and RD, you should be golden.

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