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Top 26 Ahrefs Questions and Answers – [THE COMPLETE LIST]

Ahrefs offers the best set of tools for SEO analysis and backlinks. It provides SEO features like keyword tools and ranking monitoring.

The Site Audit tool will monitor and analyze the SEO issues on your website from time to time.

It is particularly known as a backlink checker because it offers a huge database of live links.  

With the help of crawling software, it can recreate your site by searching for search engine visibility requirements. At Ahrefs, you can find everything in one place, including keyword explorer, content explorer, social ratings and stats, and unique ideas for link-building.

How to call Ahrefs?

Ahrefs offers a live chat facility for its users.

If you have any queries or complaints regarding their services, you can drop a message to their chat support. You will get your response within five minutes guaranteed.


You can also write an email at support@ahrefs.com to get your questions answered in detail.

Who is the guy who does Ahrefs videos?

Tim Soulo is the face behind the person who makes videos of Ahrefs tools and techniques.

He tries to make the learning of SEO fun and easy. Moreover, he even has Ahrefs tattooed on his forehead.

How does Ahrefs get its name?

Dmitry Gerasimenko is the founder of Ahrefs, built the first search engine at the age of 15. In 2010, he invented the backlinks index, which in turn became the major attracting source of Ahrefs first site Explorer.

He is the one controlling figure behind all the developments and innovations at Ahrefs.

What are good Ahrefs metrics for selling a domain?

There are several Ahrefs metrics used for selling a domain, including 

  • Keyword Search volume 
  • Return Rate 
  • Clicks
  • Costs Per Clicks
  • Organic Keywords 
  • Traffic Value 
  • URL Rating
  • Domain Rating
  • Ahrefs Rank (AR) 
  • Keyword difficulty

Why doesn’t Ahrefs crawl my site?

Ahrefs has its bot or web crawler from where they collect and store information when visiting other websites.


The priority for crawling is given to the most popular site with the highest DR (Domain Rating), while the sites with lower Domain Ratings will be crawled in parts.  

When you see the errors of “no data,” “no results,” and “we do not have the target pages in our index currently” on your reports, that means your site is yet to be crawled by our bots.

That is why the title, HTML source code, and website content are not recorded in our database.

How to stop Ahrefs from crawling certain pages?


Users can use the exclusion rules or “Remove URL Parameter” feature to stop Ahref from crawling specific pages. You can access the option from the Site Audit menu, then go to New Project and then click Crawl settings

You can make it to crawl specific pages by using only URLs that match a certain pattern. The other pages will not get crawled. 

How to read Ahrefs metrics?

Ahrefs came up recently with a rank tracker to help you dominate your niche, research the competitor, and grow your search.

Just enter your keywords, the countries you are targeting per keyword, and the competitor’s URL.  

Ahrefs will start working to track the data and will send you regular updates.

You can also access your SEO visibility, Position distribution, and Average traffic and position with the rank tracker.  

How is the page value calculated on Ahrefs?

Organic Traffic value is equivalent to the monthly cost from all the keywords that the URL or websites target. It is calculated by multiplying the organic traffic value of each keyword with their CPC value.


The cost of individual keywords is added.

Paid traffic value is equivalent to the monthly cost of paid traffic results of the keywords targeted by the website through PPC. It is calculated the same way as organic traffic by multiplying the cost with CPC and adding the paid traffic cost.

How often is an Ahrefs domain rating updated?

Ahrefs ranks the website based on its Domain Ratings. To track your rating, you can refer to the Backlink profile that will show the graph of over 3 months of changes in your domain ratings. 

How many rows can you export with Ahrefs?

It will entirely depend on the plan you are using.

  • Lite: You can export 1000 rows per at a time and 2000 rows per month
  • Standard: You can export 5000 rows at a time and 500,000 rows per month
  • Advanced: You can export 25,000 rows at a time and 2 million rows per month
  • Agency: You can export 100,000 rows at a time and 5 million rows per month

How long does Ahref take to update? 

The index gets refreshed every 15 minutes, partially because the crawlers cannot search the whole Internet within seconds.

The complete database, including the backlinks and all other information, takes place in two months.

Within this period,

Some of the pages are updated only once while some sixty times.

How to check no-follow links in Ahrefs?

How to check no-follow links in Ahrefs?

To check the no-follow link, type site: yourwebsite.com “Sponsored post” in your Google search engine.


Ahrefs shows you the complete list of no-followed and followed links for any target.

How to check for broken links Ahrefs?

How to check for broken links Ahrefs?

You can immediately check the broken links by using the Broken Link Checker tool.

You are provided with the list of broken links, which you can filter and sort to fix. You can also eliminate the links and improve the crawlability and the navigation of your pages.

What does the recent and historical metric mean in Ahrefs reports?

In the site Explorer tool,

You may notice Historical and recent/live switches that change some figures in your reports.

At Ahrefs,

Every new backlink is added to the index every 20-30 minutes. While crawling the new pages, old ones are also re-crawled, where you can see some of the previous links are no longer alive.  

These links are shifted from the Live index to the Recent index for the next 90 days. In case they are visible again, they will move back to the Live index.

The historical index consists of those links which were last seen in the Live index.

You can use the Historical index to know how some of your previous links have changed.

How to get Ahrefs for free?

If you are a website owner,

You can sign up and start using Ahrefs for free. You can check the health score, performance issue, Technical problems, and SEO errors on your website.

They have recently started free accounts to help you grow your search traffic. 

What happens if Ahrefs won’t pick up a backlink?

When your backlinks have a low domain rating, AhrefsBot does not crawl your web page on a priority basis. Similarly, if they found a new backlink, the priority gets shifted, and it won’t come back to your backlink to crawl it.

The site remains un-crawled. 

How does Ahrefs DR compare to DA?

DR is Domain Rating, shows on a scale of 1-100, the strength of a website backlink.

Ahrefs develop domain Rating as a ranking metric. Moreover, Dr offers no direct effect on the ranking or the page. It is useful in gaining the popularity of the website and the ability to grow search traffic.

DA or Domain Authority is also a ranking metric that predicts websites’ ranks on the search engines.

Moz develops it.

The scale is from 1-100, where a higher score means a high ranking of the websites.

What is the difference between Ahrefs and Hoth?

Hoth offers SEO services to affiliates, consultants, and agencies.

The company is based in Florida. Among its SEO services, they also provide content marketing, local SEO, link building, and much more. The pricing depends on the services that you require.

The Hoth offers three packages: Small for $60, where you will get 6 backlinks for three posts, Medium for $200, where you will get 32 backlinks for 16 posts, and Large for $250 will get 48 backlinks for 32 posts.

Ahrefs are an excellent source for analysis of your backlinks.

The company is based in Singapore. Among the backlink analysis, you will find access to the keyword tool, competitive analysis of different competitor websites and pages. 

 In terms of pricing, it starts at $99 a month. If you want to pay annually, you will get the first two months free.

How long for Ahrefs to gather links?

Ahrefs re-crawls and crawls several websites and immense data simultaneously. Some pages are crawled faster while some take more time than usual. When the Bot at Ahrefs recognizes the huge number of backlinks on a given page, that page’s priority rises. 

For others,

Where there are low backlinks, it might take up to 1-2 weeks for the links to gather and the website to get crawled by Ahrefs.

How to use Ahrefs to find competing pages?


To use Ahrefs for competing pages, you can use Ahrefs Site Explorer tool.In the site explorer tool, enters your site and the competing domain names.

The result will show the websites with high ranking keywords at the target site.

You can also use prefixes to find particular content and not the whole page.

For example, use yoursite.com/blogs for blog content and not yoursite.com.

How to use Ahrefs Content Explorer to build links?

Content Explorer is a filterable and searchable database for a billion web pages.


You should try to export the relevant data from the content explorer and tailor the data according to the date, language, total shares, domain rating, referring domains, and organic traffic.

Content explorer can restore any broken links by combining the live links and domains to find dead pages with backlinks on a given topic.

How do I find the top pages for a website in Ahrefs?

You can use the Site Explorer tool to find your competitor’s website’s top web pages that will provide you with enough data on keyword metrics, backlink reports, and organic search traffic.

  • Enter the domain of your competitor within the tool
  • Once you have the results, click on the “top pages” report in the sidebar
  • You will have a list of top pages with the most organic search traffic

How to do competitor keyword research on Ahrefs?

You can do a competitor’s keyword researching by following the steps below:

  • Discover the keywords by inserting your domain name in the Site Explorer tool and choose the Organic Keywords report. You will get a list of high-ranking keywords.
  • Try to run the Content Gap analysis to know about your competitor’s keyword ranking.

Just insert some keywords in the keyword explorer tool to generate relevant suggestions of keywords

How long does it take for links to show up in Ahrefs?

Normally, in Ahrefs, the links are refreshed and updated within 15 to 30 minutes.

It will depend entirely on the popularity of the backlinks.

With high domain ratings, your backlinks will show up instantly, and with a lower domain rating, it might take weeks to show the links.

What happens when you disavow domain in Ahrefs?

Disavow domain integration allows you to upload the disavowed file from Google and hide all the disavowed links from further reports in Ahrefs.

If you have come across Google’s disavowed links and would like to check the backlinks in those links, you can upload the file into Ahrefs and check your reports under the tag “Backlinks profile.”

You can even hide/show your disavowed links through the ON/OFF button. 

Ahrefs will help you to prepare the right format for your disavowed file.

After that,

You have to export the list and upload it on Google Search Console in the Disavow Tool.   

How to tell if a website blocks Ahrefs?

In most cases, when you search something on Google, it shows the webpage, not your website.

That means the search engine is unable to pick up your website.

The website gets blocked when 

  • Your website is new to be discovered by search engines
  • You are stopping the search engines from indexing your websites
  • Your search engine blocks the crawling of the website if they have a robots.txt file.
  • You do not have a large number of backlinks
  • Your website doesn’t have the relevant search content
  • You have duplicate content on your website

Remove these points, and your website won’t be blocked from search engines.

How to get an Ahrefs report for free blackhatworld?

For the free Ahrefs report, you need a Tor browser and URLs on which you want your report. Follow the steps for an Ahrefs report for free.

  • Open the Tor Browser and click on the orange butter that is visible in the upper right-hand corner
  • After that, click Option and then Privacy Tab. It says, “Tor browser will: never remember history,” change it to “Use custom settings for history”
  • Clear the checkbox for Accept cookies from sites
  • Save the settings
  • Get all the reports you want and close the tab

Alternatively, You could check the freebie/giveaway section of the website. 

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