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The $24,500 a Month SEO Client: How I Landed and Retained a High-Paying Client

Do you want to land and retain a high-paying SEO client that pays you $24,500 a month?

If so,

You're in the right place.

In this post,

I'll show you the exact steps I took to land and retain a $24,500 a month SEO client and how you can do the same.

– How I Found the Client

The first step to landing a high-paying SEO client is to find them.

There are many ways to find potential SEO clients, such as:

• Referrals from existing or past clients

• Networking with other professionals in your niche

• Cold emailing or calling prospects

• Advertising your services on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads

• Creating and promoting valuable content on your website, blog, or social media.


In my case,

I found the client through a referral from an existing client.

I had been working with a client in the e-commerce niche for over a year, and I had helped them grow their organic traffic and revenue significantly.

They were very happy with my work, and they recommended me to one of their friends, who was the owner of a software company.

The software company was looking for an SEO expert to help them rank for some competitive keywords and generate more leads and sales.

They had tried working with several SEO agencies before, but they were not satisfied with the results.

They wanted someone who could provide them with a customized and data-driven SEO strategy, and who could communicate with them regularly and transparently.

They contacted me via email, and we scheduled a call to discuss their goals and expectations.

– How I Qualified the Client

The next step to landing a high-paying SEO client is to qualify them.

Qualifying a client means making sure that they are a good fit for your services and that you can deliver the results they want.

There are several factors to consider when qualifying a client, such as:

• Their budget and willingness to pay

• Their goals and expectations

• Their niche and competition

• Their current SEO situation and challenges

• Their level of SEO knowledge and involvement


In my case,

I qualified the client by asking them a series of questions during our initial call, such as:

• What is your monthly budget for SEO?

• What are your main goals and KPIs for SEO?

• Who are your main competitors and target audience?

• What are the keywords and topics that you want to rank for?

• What are the current SEO issues and opportunities that you have?

• How much do you know about SEO and how involved do you want to be?


Based on their answers,

I learned that:

• They had a monthly budget of $25,000 for SEO, which was more than enough for me to provide them with a comprehensive and effective SEO service.

• They wanted to rank for some highly competitive keywords in the software niche, and generate more organic traffic, leads, and sales.

• They had some strong competitors, but also some gaps and weaknesses that I could exploit with my SEO strategy.

• They had a decent SEO foundation, but they had some technical, on-page, and off-page issues that needed to be fixed and improved.

• They had a basic understanding of SEO, but they trusted me to handle everything and report to them regularly.

Based on this information,

I decided that they were a qualified client and that I could help them achieve their SEO goals.


–  How I Pitched the Client

The third step to landing a high-paying SEO client is to pitch them.

Pitching a client means presenting them with a proposal that outlines your SEO strategy, deliverables, timeline, and pricing.

The goal of your pitch is to convince the client that you are the best person for the job, and that they should hire you.

There are several elements to include in your pitch,

Such as:

• A summary of the client's goals, challenges, and opportunities

• A detailed SEO audit and analysis of their website and competitors

• A customized SEO strategy and action plan that addresses their specific needs and objectives

• A breakdown of the SEO deliverables and tasks that you will provide, such as keyword research, technical SEO, content creation, link building, etc.

• A timeline and milestones for the SEO project and expected results

• A pricing and payment structure that matches the client's budget and preferences

• A clear call to action and next steps


In my case,

I pitched the client by sending them a PDF proposal that included all of these elements.

I also followed up with them via email and phone, and answered any questions or objections that they had.

I emphasized the value and benefits of my SEO service, and how it would help them grow their business and outrank their competitors.

I also showed them some case studies and testimonials from my previous and current clients, and how I had helped them achieve similar or better results.

– How I Closed the Client

The final step to landing a high-paying SEO client is to close them.

Closing a client means getting them to sign the contract and pay the deposit.

This is the most critical and challenging part of the process, as it involves overcoming any last-minute doubts or objections that the client might have.

There are several techniques to use when closing a client, such as:

• Creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, and showing them what they might lose if they don't act fast

• Offering a discount or a bonus if they sign up within a certain timeframe

• Providing a guarantee or a refund policy if they are not satisfied with the results

• Asking for a trial or a test project if they are not ready to commit to a long-term contract

• Asking for referrals or testimonials if they are happy with your work


In my case,

I closed the client by using a combination of these techniques.

I told them that I only had one spot left for a new client, and that I would have to raise my prices soon due to the high demand for my services.

I also offered them a 10% discount if they signed up within a week and a free SEO audit and consultation if they referred me to another potential client.

I also provided them with a 30-day money-back guarantee if they were not happy with the results and a 6-month contract with an option to renew or cancel at any time.

I also asked them for a 50% deposit upfront and the rest upon completion of the project.

They agreed to all of these terms, and they signed the contract and paid the deposit.

And that's how I landed and retained a $24,500 a month SEO client.


Landing and retaining a high-paying SEO client is not easy, but it's not impossible either.

By following the steps and strategies that I shared in this post, you can find, qualify, pitch, and close a high-paying SEO client, and grow your SEO agency.

Do you have any questions or tips on how to land and retain a high-paying SEO client?

Let me know in the comments below.

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