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Reddit Embed Link – What You Must Know About It

Reddit, the social media network, is all about the conversation. Many of its communities are so focused on quality posts that they explicitly prohibit memes.

One method to improve the quality of your Reddit comments is to link to your sources, so it is clear that you are speaking from a position of authority.

In addition to increasing your transparency and accountability, hyperlinking (rather than simply pasting a long, unedited URL) makes your comment more legible.

Here in this post, I will show you how to do reddit embed link and answer FAQs about it. Relax and read along.

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– How do you embed a link on Reddit?

  1. Navigate to Reddit and open a new post using your login information.
  2. Write your comment.
  3. Conduct a search on Google to locate the URL of the website to which you want to link, and copy it.
  4. Navigate back to your original comment and make a selection of the terms you would like to utilize as anchor text.
  5. Navigate to the toolbar labeled “link,” which is marked in yellow.
  6. After pasting the link’s url, click the “insert” button.

–  Can you embed on Reddit?

Click the “share” link that is located below the post’s title, and then select the “embed” option from the drop-down menu that appears. Now that every comment on the site has a “embed” link beneath it, embedding a comment on the site is even simpler than before.

–  How do I get the URL of a Reddit post?

Simply select share on your Android device, and then select the copy to clipboard option.

–  How do you embed a link in text?

Choose the piece of text or image that you’d like to turn into a link and choose it. Make sure you press Ctrl and K. You can also right-click the text or picture, then go to the shortcut menu and select Link from there. In the box labeled Insert Hyperlink, copy and paste your URL into the Address box, then press “Enter.”

–  Why can I only post links on Reddit?

It is important to remember that some subreddits do not enable users to post links.

Go to and click on the ‘Link’ button if you’re using the redesigned desktop version.

Go to if you’re using the old version of Reddit.

Try using the old version of Reddit if the desktop redesign or mobile sites are not functioning properly.

–  How do I send a link in Reddit chat?

Simply navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click on your name. Simply select “User Settings” from the menu. Navigate to the tab labeled Chat & Messaging. When you get to the page that says “Invite Someone to Chat,” make sure you click the “Copy Link” button.

–  How do I post a video link on Reddit?

On Desktop:

  1. Click “Submit Link” on a Reddit video-enabled subreddit.
  2. Click the “Choose File” button.
  3. Choose a video file format, either MP4 or MOV, to upload.
  4. Select a thumbnail to go along with your video.
  5. Give your work a title.
  6. Click “Submit”

–  How do you embed a link in HTML?

Use the a> and /a> tags, which are the tags that define links, to create a hyperlink on an HTML page. These tags are called anchor tags. The beginning of the hyperlink is denoted by the a> tag, whereas the end of the hyperlink is denoted by the /a> tag. Any text that is inserted within any of these tags will automatically function as a hyperlink. Include the full address of the link within the a href=” “> tag.

–  What does it mean to embed a link?

In this context, “embedding” refers to the process of including links, photos, videos, gifs, and other forms of media and material into online posts or other forms of web media. Embedded content is content that is displayed within a post and provides a visual component with the purpose of encouraging increased click-through and engagement.

–  How do I link Reddit to Imgur?

You may either pick your photographs using the upload button or by dragging and dropping them into the space. You have the option of uploading a single file at a time or numerous all at once. If the gallery option is accessible on the subreddit that you are submitting to, you will have the ability to add more images by clicking the add button that is displayed.

–  How do I post a video on Reddit without linking?

If you want to post video to Reddit without linking to a third-party site, all you have to do is make use of the feature that allows native video uploads on Reddit.

–  How do I link Imgur to Reddit Mobile?

After you have uploaded the video to imgur, you should do the following:

  1. If you are using a computer, right-click the mouse, and then select “copy video address.” After that, update the extension of the url from to.
  2. After that, you have the option of submitting that as a link post, which will result in a post similar to this one.
  3. If you were using the Imgur mobile app, all you need to do is press and hold the URL, and then select the option to copy it.

–  Can you send links on Reddit messenger?

Locate the send link on a user’s profile page.

Clicking on a user’s username will take you to the user page whenever you see it, which will typically be below a submission or comment the user has written. On that page, there is a little “send a private message” option towards the top right corner, underneath.

–  What is the difference between a URL and a link?

Links are relative paths that lead to URLs, whereas URLs are uniform resource locators (URLs). When you navigate between websites while you’re online, you’ll either be using links or URLs. This is true at all times (Uniform Resource Locators). In most cases, you can navigate between pages by clicking on the respective hyperlinks.

–  How do I share a link in a Reddit comment?

After typing out your remark, choose the words that you want to turn into a hyperlink, and then hit the Enter key. It should be the third option from the left if you look in the toolbar of the text editor. The chain connection symbol looks like two connected circles and can be accessed by clicking on it.


Hope you found this post resourceful.   As you can see, Reddit hyperlinks are quite simple to create, and you do not need to spend hours researching how to link on Reddit.